Video Marketing - Filming Videos Indoors vs Outdoors

If you are going to film your own videos, you need to decide whether it’s better to film indoors or outdoors. In this video you will learn a few tips to help you decide whether you should film indoors versus outdoors.

The easiest answer when it comes to outdoors is if you have a product or service that is meant to be outside, then you should film outside. The main benefit of filming indoors is that you can control the environment and keep the videos consistent from one video to the next.

Whatever you decide to do, just be aware of things such as lighting, audio quality and having clean, non-distracting background. Just making videos to market your business is a big step, so just play with what works best when filming and you'll eventually find your sweet spot.

Let me know if you have any questions about producing marketing videos, or get in touch about getting help with your videos.

How Videos Can Help Small Business Owners Increase Sales

Videos can help small business owners increase sales by offering better value to your target market than your competition. Videos that inform and educate help customers make better decisions, establish your business as trustworthy and can eliminate buyer’s remorse.

I recently needed to buy a new auxiliary battery for my VW Westfalia camper van and had a heck of a time figuring out what kind of battery I should get. I was set on an AGM battery but couldn’t find the right fit.

I finally found a specialty battery shop in Vancouver and when I told the shop owner what I wanted to buy, I was luckily informed that my Westfalia needs to have a gel battery because that’s what the van’s charging system was designed to charge.

That bit of information likely saved me money, time and hassle from using the wrong battery.

I couldn’t help but think how valuable that information would be to other customers, and how easy it would be for the shop to create videos educating people about little, but very important, things like choosing the proper battery type.

Videos like that would be of great value to customers and would definitely set you apart from the competition, and will likely increase sales for you.

So don’t underestimate the power of video to educate, inform and provide extra value that can translate into a better bottom line for your business.

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Is Video Effective for Promoting Schools?

If you’re running a school, in particular, a private school, then you’re basically operating a business that needs to convert your leads into student registrations. Here is why video can be effective for promoting and marketing your school, along with some things to look out for if you take the plunge into using video.

Video Marketing - Why You Shouldn't Make Videos?

With the rising popularity and need for video to support marketing efforts, business owners are facing a dilemma of whether they should make the videos themselves or hire a videographer. I say, don’t do either and I explain why in this week’s video.

Video Marketing Tip - Why You Need to Support Your Videos

In this video you’ll learn why it’s important to support your videos so that when customers visit your website they are not turned away at the door, so to speak.

The mistake I often see some of my clients make is not having a proper sales funnel, content or website experience that helps them convert the leads they get from the video into an actual sale.

This is unfortunate, but avoidable if you remember that the video is one component of your sales funnel and not the only tool to rely on.

So be sure to support the video if you want to improve conversions and get a good return on your investment.

Understanding Your Target Audience is Critical - Canada Place English Explainer Video

Canada Place English is an English language school based in Spain, just outside of Barcelona. They are in a highly competitive industry where schools are vying for the attention of customers looking for roughly the same thing. Therefore, the goal for this video was to quickly demonstrate the primary benefits of Canada Place English and why they are a better choice.

We also had a goal to make this a one minute long video, instead of my usual 1:30. This was a challenge but it meant really zeroing in on the core issues faced by the audience and how Canada Place English relieves those issues.

Here is what Ruben Herrera from Canada Place English had to say about the video and production process:

“We are in the highly competitive private education industry and wanted to add video to our marketing mix to help differentiate our school and get our message out. We hired Carl to produce the video because of the quality of his work. Carl was able to skillfully reshape our initial idea into a one minute long script and he also provided a professional voiceover that brought the script to life. The video itself was exactly what we had hoped for. It was very easy working with Carl, as he was quick in responding to emails and listened to feedback, while also adding his own touches to the video. Overall, it was an exceptional experience working with Carl and we are extremely pleased with the resulting video. We would be more than happy to recommend Carl for any type of video marketing project.”

If you need to communicate your message so that it’s actually heard by your target market, let’s talk about how an explainer video like this can help do the job.

Nearness App for Facebook Explainer Video

Nearness is a cool app that helps you stay in the loop when it comes to important people in your life. This explainer video was made to introduce Nearness with a focus on the end user.

Juliano and his team were awesome to work with. They let me handle the entire production from the script writing, voiceover and final video.

To get a video like this, please get in touch with me here.

View video here:

WichDOC Explainer Video

Here's an explainer video created for WichDOC, an online platform serving alternative health practitioners to help with appointment management, marketing and referrals. The original idea that was presented to me was to have a person speaking on camera and a screen capture video of how WichDOC works.

I suggested using an animated explainer video for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Easier to produce compared to finding someone to be in the video, filming and editing.
  • Better engagement because there is much more flexibility when creating an animated video, especially if budget is a concern.
  • Much simpler to make revisions.
  • Longer life span than a live video, as live videos can appear dated rather quickly.

Here's what I provided to make this video happen:

  • Script writing to get the right message into a 1:30 video.
  • The voiceover, as I do for almost all video projects.
  • Animation and revisions to get the video just right :)

To get an explainer video that supports your business goals, get in touch with me.

Video Marketing Tip - Beware of Toilet Paper

I made some videos with toilet paper in them, which was totally unintentional, and wanted to share with you how I overcame the problem without reshooting the video.

Video Marketing - Don’t Get Hung Up on Gear

One of the biggest problems with producing video marketing content is getting hung up on cameras and accessories. There are so many choices available and too much apprehension when it comes to choosing equipment because it is a significant investment and obviously, essential to producing live or talking head style videos.

However, the important thing is to NOT get hung up on specs, features and the latest and greatest camera gear. You will never be satisfied and will fall prey to the time suck that is researching camera equipment online. Believe me, I know!

The only important gear you need are a camera that can film in 1080HD, lighting, an external microphone and a tripod.

You’ve most likely got a camera, especially if you have a smartphone. So with a couple lights, a mic and a tripod, you’re ready to rock.

Make sure to learn how to use your gear because knowing how to get the most out of your gear will produce better results, even compared to newer or “better” equipment.

And of course, above all else… Make good content that offers value to your audience.

What’s your take on camera equipment? Do you upgrade often or stick with what you got?