Podcast Episode 35: Using Video to Grow Your Business Online

Baller Video Series

Mike and I are going to kick off a new series on using video to grow your business online. We'll discuss how to make videos to what equipment to use, and we'll also throw in some case study type of content to help you see how video is used in real life in the wilds of the Interwebs.

Show Notes:

In this week's episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, Mike and I are going to start talking about video, and how video can be used to build your brand and grow your business. And today we’re going to kick things off by talking about why you’d want to use video.

The importance of using video

  1. Video is it, it’s not a fad like skinny jeans; it’s here to stay and it’s a powerful tool for brand building. Facebook has 8 billion video views daily; 100 million hours/day.
  2. Puts a face on your brand; helps people identify with who you are and what you stand for.
  3. Puts you in the drivers seat in terms of engaging your audience in a way that was only available to major brands a few short years ago; if you don’t, your competition will.

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Identify if video is something you can, should and would do, especially in terms of time and resources. If video is a go for you, be ready to commit; be prepared for the long game.
  2. Identify who you want to target with your videos and what they’d like to see. Make a list of topics.
  3. Decide if you want to make the videos yourself or get professional help; try making something first and see how it goes.

Thanks for listening! If you’d like us to touch upon a particular topic on an upcoming podcast, send us a message.

Have a great day!

Content Marketing - Why you should create content based on buying cycle [VIDEO]

In this video, I'm going to talk about creating content based on buying cycle and why that's a good content marketing strategy for your business. Creating content based on buying cycle is a very good idea because when customers are searching for a particular product or service, they will likely be at different stages of the buying cycle.

Like in these buying scenarios

For example, one customer could be just starting to explore different options for whatever it is they are looking for. Whereas another customer could be further along in the buying cycle and he or she is already prepared to make a purchase.

In each one of these scenarios, the type of content they are looking for would be slightly different, right?

So here's what you can do

  • First, go ahead and map out the buying cycle that a customer would go through from beginning to end. An easy way to figure this out is to think about the types of questions that you receive from customers when they get in touch with you. And of course you can create this map based on your experience getting customers from a prospect to plopping down their cash.
  • Second, create your content and publish it in sequential order. This is a fantastic way to have weekly content that is planned out well in advance, which is awesome because I know exactly how busy things can get.
  • And third, prep that content into email templates because you can now use that content from your buying cycle to send out as replies to customer email inquiries. Or alternatively, turn that content into a PDF file and make it available for download.

Another advantage

The other advantage of creating content based on buying cycle, is that even if a person is ready to buy, they can still go back over the other pieces of content that you have, and gain some kind of reassurance that they are making the right decision.

And if somebody needs to demonstrate to another team member or their boss that they have made the right decision, they can reference your content. Pretty cool if you ask me!

So there you go. You just learned about why you should create content based on buying cycle. If you have any questions or comments please leave those in the comment section below and if you need help with creating your content, then please be sure to get in touch with me. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and talk to you next time.

Content Marketing - 3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast [VIDEO]

In this week's video about content marketing, I’m going to talk about 3 reasons why you should start a podcast. For a guy that’s into video to suggest making a podcast might seem a bit unusual, but there are some very compelling reasons why a podcast could be a great platform for your content. Whether you choose to produce a podcast to market your business or not, this is just one of the many ways your business can implement content marketing. So have a look at the following reasons and decide for yourself if podcasting is something that would resonate with your audience.

Some stats to whet your appetite

  • Various sources peg podcast listeners in the US at around 46 million in 2015.
  • The number of subscribers on Apple’s podcast app is about 1 billion, which is like having every person in India as a podcast subscriber. It’s insane!
  • On top of that, many of those people, approximately two-thirds listen while commuting to and from work, so that means you have an audience that is always ready to listen to a podcast, 5 days a week, twice a day. Truly remarkable.

But why should you start a podcast?

First… As I mentioned above, a podcast is easy to consume because you don’t need to focus your eyes on a podcast. So you could be doing something else while listening to a podcast. As much as I love video, people aren’t watching while driving! And it’s less attention-getting to listen to a podcast while taking public transit than to watch a video a the bald Chinese guy. People won’t be wondering what the heck you’re watching. Not mention the obvious lower use of data if people are not on wifi compared to watching a video.

Second… A podcast is much easier to produce than a video. With a video, you need a camera, lights, a place to film and a good microphone… or two or three. On the other hand, to produce a podcast you only need a good microphone and a quiet room… even a walk in closet works because nobody will know! Try that with a video!

And third… A podcast is usually written out, or at the very least, you have to make some sort of outline. The script or outline can be used as part of your blog post, so together with a link or embedded player for the podcast, you have two ways for the search engines to find your content. Getting found organically like this is a great way to increase your search rankings and is safer, as you’re not likely get penalized if Google changes an algorithm because Google favours valuable content when determining search rankings.

My podcast… Betcha didn’t even know, huh?

My good friend Mike Miello and I have a podcast. I have to admit, it took some convincing for me to get going on it, so kudos to Mike for keeping at me to get the podcast going. And it’s actually him that does most of the work, including making the podcast cover art and all the editing and uploading.

How to use podcasting to build a brand with content marketingAnyway, it’s called Brand Ballers and we talk about how we use content marketing or other strategies to grow our own brands, and at the same time, we try to impart some useful tips and ideas that you can use. Our goal is to help you build a brand that people understand. Catchy, huh? 😃

If you have questions about starting a podcast… ask Mike! If you need help with creating content, coming up with ideas for content, especially video content to market your business, get in touch and let’s talk.

Thanks and talk to you next time.

He loves Cheerios

My kid loves Honey Nut Cheerios... who doesn't, right? Well, as long as you don't have a nut allergy, I suppose. I'm thinking about a weekly video like my Daily Films, but weekly, because, although daily was great fun, it took away time that I needed to spend on higher priority projects. Anyway, we'll see.

Field Trip in Seoul

Had to be the substitute teacher with my wife at my kid's school so we took them on a field trip to the Hangeul Museum and park in Yongsan, Seoul. What a great place to go as the park is fantastic. The museum was also quite beautiful. We went to the kids area, which the kids enjoyed so the Hangeul Museum is definitely worth a visit.