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Video Content Marketing - Product Intro Video for Edutige EIM Microphones

When making videos for your content marketing, it’s always a good idea to introduce your products or services so people know what they are getting. This is especially important if you’re an online retailer, such as Edutige Microphones. And you don’t have to make this type of video once and then forget about it. This type of video is always handy and should be updated somewhat regularly, like once a year, or more if your products or services have undergone some changes since the last video was made. In this case, we needed a video dedicated to the EIM series of microphones. The EIM series microphones are for iOS and other Apple devices. The problem is that customers still ask which microphone line is right for them, even though we’ve tried to be as clear as possible. So a video like this will always be welcomed by your customers and clients.

Here is the video and below is the description we used for YouTube and our blog post... For those of you looking for an external microphone for your iOS device, such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or if you have a Mac, then the EIM series of microphones is right for you. The EIM series is also compatible with many Android devices, but we can’t guarantee compatibility due to differences in operating systems and hardware. Anyway, this video will tell you about the Edutige EIM-001, EIM-003 and EIM-008 to help you make an informed buying decision.

And if you still have questions, please let me know.

What makes an explainer video good? - Suresoft Technologies [VIDEO]

In this video about content marketing using video, you'll learn about what makes an explainer video good; in other words, how to make an effective explainer video. I will use the video I made for Suresoft Technologies as an example, and as kind of a case study. Hopefully, this helps you understand what is needed when creating effective video marketing content. Everywhere you look online when it comes to marketing is all about Video. And this could be either pre-recorded videos or the latest thing, which is Live Video feeds. So what I wanted to talk about in this week's post was what makes an explainer video good because explainer videos, or animated videos, are one of the most effective ways to talk about something in simple and engaging way.

What explainer videos are good for

As I just mentioned, explainer videos are effective in talking about something in a simple and engaging way. In particular, they are great for taking something complicated, breaking it down, and explaining whatever that is in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand, and also memorable.

Explainer videos are also great because they don't date

What I mean is that compared to a live video with a real person, an explainer video can be used over a much longer period of time. The reason is that from year-to-year, people look different, hairstyles and fashion change, so you don't necessarily want to remake your live videos every single year. And if somebody in your company moves on, and they are in your video, you're kind of screwed because you need to update the video without that person. That can get expensive if you need to hire somebody like myself to make your videos.

Of course, I'm not bashing Live Video's because there is definitely a place for those types of videos, and I'm very happy to make those for my clients. I'll talk more about live videos in another post but this week, I wanted to talk about what happened with the explainer video I made for Suresoft Technologies.

They wanted just the facts and I said no

Most IT companies tend to believe that they only need to present what they do and how they do it to get their audience to take the next step. However, we have to remember that your audience is made up of people, and people want to be entertained or engaged by your video. That's why when sure soft technologies wanted something more fact-based and technical, I argued against it. Thankfully, they trusted my opinion.

The focus should be on them

When we made this explainer video, the client wanted a general video that would be used for all of the industries they work with. But I suggested a targeted video for a specific audience because the video needs to let the viewer know that your company and your products and services are made for them.

This means that your video must speak to your audience, and it must be in the language that your audience understands.

The result was gratifying

Suresoft was still somewhat apprehensive or skeptical as the video was being made. Part of the reason was that they had never made anything like this and they were used to a much more conservative and traditional approach to sales and marketing. Plus, they were on an extremely tight deadline and the video was going to be shown to the big car manufacturers out there in Detroit. So there was a lot riding on this video.

But once the video was shown, all of their apprehension and concern turned to confidence because the audience was engaged from the outset. Once the video was finished, the audience wanted to learn more and had a lot of questions related to how Suresoft could help them. Basically, the video got the conversation going in the right direction. And this is something that hadn't happened to Suresoft in the past.

Here's what Richard from Suresoft had to say:

When we contacted Carl about getting a video made, we were unsure if Carl could help us explain what we do. Our company specializes in software verification and validation for major industries like automotive, nuclear power and telecommunications. Critical but slightly dry topic. We had our own ideas about how to structure the video, but Carl suggested a different approach.

The video he made completely surpassed our expectations and helps our customers understand exactly what we do in an engaging and entertaining way. The video gets customers talking and asking questions during our sales presentations, which has been a huge win for us. The video creates a great first impression and helps our sales people have conversations, rather than just simply pitching.

Carl has a talent for understanding business objectives, communicating ideas and identifying core messages. Combined with his voiceover and video production skills, he offers a unique and valuable service. He is also very easy to work with and was always fast in responding to emails. We wholeheartedly recommend Carl and look forward to establishing a long term relationship with him.

Check out the Suresoft Technologies video

Time to talk?

If you’re looking to get into video content marketing or you’re doing it but want to up your game, let me know and let’s see how we can work together.

3 Easy Steps to Implement Video Into Your Marketing [VIDEO]

Video should be an essential part of your business' marketing because video is just, literally, everywhere. And if you’re not using video, your competitors probably are, and if they’re not, they’re likely thinking about it just like you are. They could even be reading this at the same time you are! Oooh!

Why video is everywhere

One big reason why video is everywhere is because the traditional high costs and time associated with video production have come way down, making it possible for businesses of any size to create video content. Your iPhone, for example, contains an awesome camera and with the right external microphone and a couple of apps, you have the basic equipment you need to make videos.

Yes, but...

But that doesn't mean you can just turn on your iPhone in a dimly lit room, using only the built in microphone, and ramble on and on because you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing, which will leave a bad impression about you and your business. Which means a video could actually make you LOSE business if not done right. Bad sh*t.

So here are 3 ways that your business can implement video that will help with your branding and marketing.

Number 1. Tell people about your business.

This sounds ridiculously simple, but it’s easy to screw up because people will talk about their business from their own perspective, not from that of their customers or clients. So be sure to talk about what you do in terms of the problem you solve or the solution you offer. Focus on them, not you.

Number 2. Get other people to talk about your business.

In the world of Yelp, Amazon and social media shares and likes, getting your customers or clients to talk about your business on camera is a great marketing tool. And if people don’t want to be interviewed on camera, you could ask them to provide a written testimonial and their picture. Then you can stick that up on the screen, instead. Works just as well.

And finally number 3. Show people how you do business, who they're dealing with.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. So what you can do is tell them what you believe in, why you do what you do, and let customers and clients get to know you and your staff on a more personal level.

So that’s it!

Like I said, video is everywhere and there is a relatively low barrier to entry for most businesses. If you have an iPhone, you’ve pretty much got a full video production kit in your pocket. And aside from knowing how to produce the videos, I gave you 3 ways your business can implement video to help with branding and marketing, which were:

  1. Tell people about your business from their perspective.
  2. Get other people to talk about your business.
  3. Show people how you do business and who they’re dealing with.

And if you want someone to just figure that stuff out for you and make you the videos, give me a call or email me and let’s talk about how we can make video work for you.

Thanks and talk to you again soon.


PS Microphone used in this video was the Edutige ETM-006.

Daily Film No. 6 - Six Steps to Making a Film

Daily Film No. 6 is about how to shoot a film and is focused on the tools. The most important thing to remember is that the tools are just that... tools. Other elements of a video, such as story, lighting, sound and editing are crucial, but here I wanted to show how easy it can be to get started making videos. I'd probably add a tripod to the how to if I were to do it again, but hey, I'm making a film a day! I'll get better, as I'm learning something every day, which was the whole point.

Daily Film No. 5 - The Fixer

Whew! Just made it! Daily Film No. 5 is about my son learning how to restring a ukulele. But not any ukulele. He was to restring the ukulele I got when I was in grade 3 or 4, and I've since given it to him because he's learning to play the ukulele in school. That's actually kinda cool, I think. Anyway, we got the ukulele strings from Long & McQuade in North Vancouver and were happy with the customer service we received there. Highly recommend them for all your music needs... especially if you need ukulele strings.

Funny thing is we asked how to string a ukulele and the sales person suggested looking it up on YouTube. We did and the result is that even a 7 year old kid now knows how to restring a ukulele.

Case Study: How to use videos to educate and inform your customers

  Case Study: Edutige Microphones

I work with Edutige America, helping them produce video content and acting as their International Manager. This was a company that never really made it's own video content. There was, however, content being made by others about Edutige products.

People Like Them

The good news for Edutige was that people were interested enough in their products to take the time and make a video. In fact, it was a video I made talking about my experience with one of their microphones that convinced them that they need more videos. And it wasn't even the best video I ever made! It was just helpful to other people in my situation.

But this doesn't always happen to businesses, especially if you offer a product or service in a local market. For example, if you have a landscaping business or you're an event planner. So you need to take the initiative and start creating your own content.

What Content? Start with "What"

For Edutige, we want to educate our customers so they know what the mics can do and what devices the mics are compatible with. That meant videos explaining the "What."

In particular, what microphones were best suited for particular activities or situations have been extremely helpful. This can include case studies about how other customers are using the microphones.

And then what?

While showing customers what your product or service can do is important, the other important thing to do is help people learn what it might be like to buy from you, what experience your customers may have when dealing with you.

This type of content can include your company background, testimonials, or perhaps different activities or organizations your company is involved with. This type of content depends on what type of business you have.

Types of videos for Edutige

For Edutige, we have videos answering customer questions, comparing our microphones to the built in microphones on iPhones and GoPros, and we will have others about recommended apps, how to shoot videos, etc, etc.

The goal is to give Edutige customers a sense of who they are dealing with, to help justify their purchase decision and to ensure they get the right product for their needs.

But videos aren't everything

Even if you have the best videos ever, they are useless if your website stinks, if your products are terrible, or if your customer service is awful.

So for Edutige, we've recently updated their website to a more modern and user-friendly version. We know their products are good, so now we are focusing on giving great customer service.

Answering questions is huge!

The biggest thing we've done is answer emails quickly and be as helpful as possible. Edutige customers have different needs for recording things so we try to help them figure out what's best for their particular situation. I've recently answered questions about things like...

  • Which microphones to get if using two GoPros in a car to record a conversation
  • Can our mics be plugged into the USB port on a digital camera
  • Why the sound isn't being recorded with a computer connected to a TV

Answering customer questions has been huge in terms of giving a great customer experience. By doing so, we are telling people that we care about them, that we will take the time to listen and find a solution that works.

So yes, in the age of the Internet, videos are a big piece of the puzzle. Just be sure to have a modern, professional looking website, respond to emails quickly and offer great customer service.

For help creating videos for your business or organization, give me a shout.


Animated Explainer Video for

Videos to promote your business don't need to be long and complicated. This animated explainer video for is a great example of a video that is short, but it gives customers all the information they need to take the next step. And that's what your main promo video should do, too... Move your prospects along your sales funnel. More to come on this topic.

Edutige America Promo Video 2015

In case you don't know, I've been helping Edutige microphones for a few years now and create marketing videos for them. A few years ago I made an animated promo video for Edutige, so it was time to update the video. Why a live video and not an animated one?

This was mainly because the product is one that needs to be seen and, specifically, heard. Second, people are busy and want to get their information quickly, or at least for videos to get to the point.

So although we could've chosen an animated video, it was much faster and easier to show what the products do in a live video. I was also itching to shoot something was the other reason, but anyway...

Why are you in the videos?

I firmly believe that consumers like authenticity, although they may not describe it that way, and being front and center in the videos adds that authenticity. I'm also not an actor, or at least a very poor one, but I think it helps people see that I'm a real person. What that means is that it's easier for people to identify with me, which hopefully, builds a level of trust.

At the end of the day, people buy from you because they trust you. And that's why I'm happy to be in all the videos. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Can you make me a live video?

Now that I'm back in Canada, yes, this is way easier to do. I can do product or content videos like the Edutige ones. If you need me to come to you, that's cool but you'll have to cover my airfare and accommodations. Get in touch with me here.

And finally, here's the Edutige America Promo video.


International Organization for Project Management Explainer Video

This is an explainer video for the International Organization for Project Management. They offer project management certification in an easy an affordable way. I've produced four videos for this client, as they also offer certification for things like Six Sigma and Scrum. Here is what the client had to say about working with me:

[box] I want you to know that (may be another testimonial, but this is really sincere) you are one of the very few contractors I worked with who are able to deliver consistently great quality in really professional way. I knew this after I read the very first e-mail you had replied to me. :)

Kind Regards and All the Best!,

Jenny Evans International Scrum Institute - Operations


Web:[/box] To get your own explainer video for your company, product or service, please contact me at

Pinky Pops Explainer Video

Here's an explainer video that is used to promote a company's product to potential distributors. An explainer video like this can really help you save time by not having to repeat yourself over and over to your target audience. These videos are also easy to consume when kept relatively short like this one, making them a great choice for your content marketing purposes. Here's what David, the company president had to say about working with me:

[box] Carl was amazing at listening to our concerns and taking what we wanted to incorporate the info into an animated video within a very short time frame. I firmly believe that Carl is a master within his craft and I could think of no other person to ever use or recommend when it comes to creating videos in order to market any company. Thanks Carl!!!![/box]

Working with David Tonkowich, Giselle Rosado and the talented Brigette Polmar of Brand Spoken, who also provided the voice for this video, was a great pleasure. Love working with dedicated, passionate and smart people.

Get in touch to learn how to get your own business explainer video: