Event Video for The Pacific Club

Event videos are commonly used to show off how cool you are to others. But event videos are also a great way to build morale, communicate your values and attract talent to your organization.

The problem is that most event videos are not created with this level of forethought and are merely a bunch of nice-looking images strung together.

An effective, good event video should have specific goals in mind before shooting begins so that the final video can be used as a strategic marketing and branding tool.

Want help planning and filming your next event?

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Wills & Estate Planning Video for Shire Law Group, PC

Alan Press and Caren Naidoff of Shire Law Group, PC in Illinois wanted an animated explainer video for their wills and estate planning services that would speak to the diversity of their client base. The video also had to have a sense of playfulness, while also explaining their process for helping clients create their will or estate plan.

This one was extra special because Caren provided the awesome voiceover!

To get a video like this for your law firm, please contact me to learn more.

Whiteboard Animation Video for North Shore Business Network

This is a video for a networking group I belong to in North Vancouver called North Shore Business Network. I made this video because I felt bad that I couldn't go in to set up the projector and slides, especially since I was the backup as the normal tech guy, Nick, was away on holiday.

Anyway, this video is a demonstration of how whiteboard animation videos are a great way to explain things in an engaging way.

I'll be the first to admit that the drawings aren't that great…

But it's not about the art, it's about the message or idea. I heard that from Doug Neill, the guy with the YouTube Channel about Sketchnoting.

How the video was made

  1. Plan out idea/story… What problem was I trying to solve?

  2. Sketch out rough draft on paper with visuals I need… What was the story/progression?

  3. Draw all the visual elements following my rough draft… How do I represent things visually?

  4. Import visuals into whiteboard software

  5. Record and edit voiceover

  6. Edit the length of the visuals to match the voiceover

Hope this helps with the tech set up and let me know if you would like your own custom whiteboard animation video.

Get With It - Video Marketing Rules

I sure hate being late to the party… all the food is gone, everyone’s already had time to meet and form their little groups. And it’s the same for using videos in your business… you don’t want to have everyone else using videos, except you. It’s like running a business without a website, or one that’s from the 90s. You know you’re out there.

The video here is just one way you can implement videos to grow your business. The main thing is to just start. So get with it and get videos for your business.

Promo Video for The Pacific Club - Vern Brownell, D-Wave Systems

The Pacific Club is one of my favourite organizations here in Vancouver. They support entrepreneurs by offering informative and inspiring events such as interviews and presentations with Vancouver area business leaders. And fortunately for me, I get to film the events and put something together that will hopefully, encourage more business-minded people to attend.

In this video, we hear from Vern Brownell, President and CEO of D-Wave Systems, the quantum computing company that's based out of Burnaby. Pretty amazing and cool that a company that is a leader in the field of quantum computing was founded right here in the Lower Mainland.

Anyway, hope to see you at the next Pacific Club event and let me know if you'd like me to produce something for your next event.

The Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course Explainer Video

Are your organization’s leaders not doing their job as well as they should? Then check out the Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course by my awesome client Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker over at About Leaders.

This explainer video is the second in a series of videos to promote leadership training and shows how you can quickly deliver a message to promote your products or services.

Explainer videos can be great tools. Consider how you can use video to help you speak to your customers and clients… before your competitors do.

Explainer Video for MyOrderDesk Gets 200% Increase in Lead Generation

This little video was used in two email campaigns and produced a 200% increase in leads for PagePath’s MyOrderDesk. I’m lucky enough to get to work with amazing companies and help them grow their business with explainer videos, such as this one. Here's what Adam Witek from PagePath had to say:

The video you created us has been a success! We've used it in 2 email marketing campaigns and saw more than a 200% increase in lead generation.

Explainer videos are a powerful way to engage your audience because they are easy to consume.

But an explainer video must be more than just a bunch of drawings flying around a screen. An effective explainer video must clearly and concisely speak to your audience and lead to a desired action.

All too often, explainer videos are created without focusing on the message your audience wants/needs to hear.

That’s why I always spend a lot of time understanding what your business is all about, how you bring value to your customers and what is the best way to speak to those customers.

In other words, I zero in on the script and build an explainer video that best represents the message you want to get across.

So get in touch to talk about getting an explainer video that delivers results.

Oh Snow! (Or Why Corporate Culture Videos are Important)

I always have a camera with me because I love making films about stuff I’m doing with my family. Not all of the videos I shoot ever get published, but constantly filming is great practice for professional projects. But the main takeaway for you is that using video is great for showing your corporate culture, your brand’s personality, and more importantly, who works for you and what type of experience your customers can expect from your company.

Video marketing is about more than just promoting your products and services. Videos are powerful tools for connecting in a personal way with your customers and can help build rapport in a passive, but incredibly powerful way.

If it’s time for you to embrace videos as part of your marketing strategy, then let’s talk:

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How Video Content Marketing Empowers Customers

One of the most powerful things about video is the ability to empower people through learning and inspiring action. I know that personally, I’ve been influenced and have learned from many people and the invaluable content they have created and shared through video. It’s why I so strongly believe in the power of video to empower people, to empower your customers and clients.

A very simple way to use video marketing to empower your customers is to show them better ways to use the tools you provide. Your tool may be a product or a service that your customers only use at a basic level. And that may be more than enough.

But if you can open their eyes to other possibilities, you empower those people to do more, to be better, to enjoy your product or service even more. Powerful stuff.

This week’s video for Edutige is a simple way to empower our customers. Many people use our microphones for recording audio, such as bird songs, but may not know other audio recording apps beyond the iPhone’s built in Voice Memos app.

So to help our customers get better quality audio, the video shows them a comparison between the iOS Voice Memos app and a favourite of mine, Twisted Wave.

Check out the video that comes after my talk about how video content marketing can empower customers and see how simple and easy it can be to use video in this way.

Let me your thoughts and experience about empowering customers, too.


Ultimate Leader Online Course Explainer Video

Here’s the first in a series of explainer videos that describe a leadership training program created by one of my favourite clients, Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker. An explainer video for your business is a great way to show your customers and clients what you do in a very easy to watch format. Live videos are great, but sometimes, an animated video is more effective because your audience focuses on the story and message more so than the person or people in the video. Animated explainer videos are non-threatening because they are basically, a cartoon.

And that’s the key benefit of using an explainer video to market your business: The message your business wants to convey comes through.

For this explainer video, I wrote the script, did the voiceover and produced the final animated video.

Visit my website or contact me to talk about getting an animated explainer video for your business:

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