Edutige America Promo Video 2015

In case you don't know, I've been helping Edutige microphones for a few years now and create marketing videos for them. A few years ago I made an animated promo video for Edutige, so it was time to update the video. Why a live video and not an animated one?

This was mainly because the product is one that needs to be seen and, specifically, heard. Second, people are busy and want to get their information quickly, or at least for videos to get to the point.

So although we could've chosen an animated video, it was much faster and easier to show what the products do in a live video. I was also itching to shoot something was the other reason, but anyway...

Why are you in the videos?

I firmly believe that consumers like authenticity, although they may not describe it that way, and being front and center in the videos adds that authenticity. I'm also not an actor, or at least a very poor one, but I think it helps people see that I'm a real person. What that means is that it's easier for people to identify with me, which hopefully, builds a level of trust.

At the end of the day, people buy from you because they trust you. And that's why I'm happy to be in all the videos. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Can you make me a live video?

Now that I'm back in Canada, yes, this is way easier to do. I can do product or content videos like the Edutige ones. If you need me to come to you, that's cool but you'll have to cover my airfare and accommodations. Get in touch with me here.

And finally, here's the Edutige America Promo video.