Presentation Skills - What to do with little time but lots to cover in your presentation [VIDEO]

In this video you will learn what to do if you have a short amount of time to give a presentation and have a lot of information that you want to include. One of the most common problems when it comes to preparing a presentation is choosing what content to include and what to… GASP… leave out! You can't imagine how many times I have heard the question, "I have a lot of things to say in my presentation but I only have a short amount of time. What should I do?" Usually this question is asked in a bit of a panic together with stress because the person doesn't know what information from their topic is most important for their presentation. So here is what to do...

Choose based on importance to audience

Your presentation content may all be important to you, but it is not all important to your particular audience. So, the first thing you must do when choosing what presentation content to include is to know what what information or content would be most important for your audience to know. This means understanding who your audience is and looking at your presentation from their perspective.

The danger of including all the information in your presentation

The second thing to understand is that talking about many topics in your presentation in a short amount of time is actually a bad thing. The reason is because you will likely have to rush through, for example, five or six topics and not really go into detail about each one. The result is your audience will not get enough information, and may also feel like they don't know what just happened in your presentation.

Less is more

So what you should do is think about the one or two, or possibly three things, that are most critical to your audience's understanding of the topic. Then what you can do is speak in more detail about each of those things. If you can only talk about one thing, that would be ideal, because you will have plenty of time to go more deeply into that topic.

What will happen

The result of talking in more detail about fewer topics in your presentation, and topics that your audience is genuinely interested in, is that your presentation will be much more engaging and interesting and memorable for your audience. And that is the reason why talking about less topics in your presentation is more beneficial than trying to cover everything when you only have a short period of time to give your presentation. Hopefully that helps you. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you.