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Video Marketing Content for Edutige - Educating Customers [VIDEO]

I'm also going to start posting my Edutige microphone videos as examples of how I use video content marketing to develop their brand and increase sales. I've made quite a number of videos for Edutige over the last 3 or 4 years, but have really focused on putting out weekly content since about September or thereabouts. Who is Edutige

Edutige (pronounced "edu" like education and "tige" like prestige) is a Korean company that manufacturers and sells microphones for smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad. They are also the makers of the first Skype approved microphone, and currently have some pretty amazing microphones for GoPro action cameras and even DSLR cameras.

Why Edutige

I started working with Edutige because of a review video I made about their EIM-003 microphone, as I was really happy with it's performance when paired with my, at the time, new iPhone 4. I contacted Edutige to see if they wanted to work together once I saw how popular my video had become. They knew who I was and since I was in Korea at that time, it was an easy working relationship to establish. Since then, they have become my main client and they actually have me as their International Manager, which is a role I am very proud of and appreciate very much.

What I do for Edutige

This is where you will see all the things I talk about in my content marketing videos... Basically, everything I talk about has a real life example with Edutige. Maybe they're like my video content marketing guinea pig? Nevertheless, the video content marketing ideas and strategies I discuss have either been implemented with Edutige or with marketing my own brand and services. So what I do is help them increase brand awareness and sales by employing video content marketing along with e-commerce and customer service strategies.

The latest video - Educating Customers

The video below is an example of how video content can be used to educate your customers by telling them things they need to know so that when it comes to buy, they are well-informed. Yes, that means they may not buy from you, and that's ok, but we find more often than not, customers will buy from us because of the trust and credibility we have established through educating them with the videos.

So check out the video and let me know by clicking here if you would like some help getting your video content marketing strategy up and running, or back on track.

Case Study - Using Video Content Marketing To Create Educated Customers

Video Content Marketing Educates Consumers The video below is a continuation of the content marketing strategy we are using for Edutige Microphones. The goal is to use video content to help Edutige customers make an informed buying decision.

Edutige offers a range of external microphone products but needed a way to explain compatibility with cameras, and what each microphone does.

Having this type of information available can help customers save time and energy because they won't have to scour the internet looking for answers or ideas on how to use the microphones.

Major Misconception About Video Marketing

When it comes to video, one of the biggest misconceptions is that a client only needs one video, preferably a viral video. The truth is that nobody has a formula for making a viral video.

We don't have direct control over whether a video goes viral or not. And even if a video goes viral, it doesn't necessarily mean an increase in sales.

But what we can control is the type and amount of content we create and release. Creating videos, as in more than one, that educate, inform, build trust and brand awareness is my preferred strategy.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality does count. Five great videos are far better than 50 mediocre videos. This can be helpful for small businesses with limited budgets.

If you happen to be a small business, and your competition isn't using video, or they aren't using it well, quality video can really help yourself stand out from the crowd.

What Does Quality Video Mean?

Does quality mean slick, high end productions, big crews showing up and a famous celebrity pitching your product or service? Maybe. But it doesn't.

Understanding your target market, delivering relevant information, having a good product/service, providing good customer support are equally, it not more, important.

Your video only needs to be well lit, have a good audio and be set in an appropriate location.

The most important part is what you're going talk about in the video. Sometimes, you don't even need to talk.

Edutige Needs Video... And You?

For Edutige, we have been using video as the primary form of content marketing because that is a medium that customers prefer. Words and pictures are great, but video reigns supreme.

To get started with content marketing using video, or to improve what you're currently doing, get in touch with me here.

Video Marketing: Edutige ETM-008 with iPhone 5 Test

Here is the latest video I made for Edutige in a continuing series of marketing videos. I'm continually amazed at the impact these videos have. In fact, it was the first video I made for Edutige almost 3 years ago that really put the company in the spotlight.

Until that video came out, only a few people like myself had heard about this mysterious microphone from South Korea that was supposed to be so awesome.

One of the things that makes this type of product demo video work is that the product speaks for itself. The Edutige microphones basically do all the work for me. The only challenge is presenting them in a way that helps people understand the potential uses for the microphone.

And that's where your own video content marketing strategy should focus on, too. Show people what the possibilities are to help create an emotional connection with your product. Not always easy because we tend to default into listing features and benefits, but well worth your time if you want to truly stand out from the competition.

Get in touch so we can talk about a video marketing strategy for your company, product or service.

Promo Video - Edutige ETM-001 Microphone with GoPro Hero3

Some of you may know that Edutige is a client of mine. I work as their international manager and help them with creating/managing their website, as well as with creating video content for their marketing.     Get it touch with me if you have questions about video production for your business or if you would like to work with me on your next video project.

Here is the video description:

If you have a GoPro Hero3, or a Hero2, you know that the audio quality from the built-in mics isn't that great. It's adequate. But you didn't get a GoPro to be "adequate," right? To get the best audio for your GoPro Hero3, check out the Edutige ETM-001 microphone and the EGL-001 external microphone adapter for the Hero3. The Hero2 doesn't require an adapter for an external microphone.

Go to or to check out the mics and cables.