Software Test Institute Explainer Video

Software Test Institute helps people become software testing certified through their online training and certification test. The company also provides Six Sigma and Scrum certification, which I also made videos about. The video had a guideline based on what was to be communicated, to who, and what action was desired. I then wrote a script, did the voiceover and animation. Simple process, but the important thing is knowing who the video is for and how to communicate the desired message.

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This was very nice!

Just got a super-nice comment on one of my presentations videos... Comment of YouTube Channel Carl Kwan 2013-09-27 at 11.41.02 AM

So happy to know that people are learning and using the tips.

Thanks to Sky and everyone else for the continued support.

New videos coming soon... Just been busy with all the PowTooning lately :)


Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

Here's the latest video made entirely with Powtoon to show what it can do and to help you decide if hiring me is a good idea or making the Powtoon yourself is better. Here's the link if you want to learn more about getting a Powtoon made: Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

And here's the video...