Powtoon explainer video

WichDOC Explainer Video

Here's an explainer video created for WichDOC, an online platform serving alternative health practitioners to help with appointment management, marketing and referrals. The original idea that was presented to me was to have a person speaking on camera and a screen capture video of how WichDOC works.


I suggested using an animated explainer video for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Easier to produce compared to finding someone to be in the video, filming and editing.
  • Better engagement because there is much more flexibility when creating an animated video, especially if budget is a concern.
  • Much simpler to make revisions.
  • Longer life span than a live video, as live videos can appear dated rather quickly.

Here's what I provided to make this video happen:

  • Script writing to get the right message into a 1:30 video.
  • The voiceover, as I do for almost all video projects.
  • Animation and revisions to get the video just right :)

To get an explainer video that supports your business goals, get in touch with me.

PowToon Fonts & How to Choose the Right One

PowToon has a great selection of available fonts. The difficulty is in choosing the right one. Check out the video to see the fonts and for some quick tips on choosing. The main thing to remember is to keep in mind what impression the font will give the viewer. If your video is for your business, think carefully whether or not your customers/clients will get the right perception about your business.

People may not say it was the font that turned them off from doing business with you because it's kind of a subconscious thing. Your business or your video just won't "feel" right. It's a gut instinct kind of thing.

The same can be said about your PowToon video in general but let's save that for another day.



Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

Here's the latest video made entirely with Powtoon to show what it can do and to help you decide if hiring me is a good idea or making the Powtoon yourself is better. Here's the link if you want to learn more about getting a Powtoon made: Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

And here's the video...