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Forever Green Promo Video - Changing the World!

This animated promo video for Forever Green is one of my favourites, because the product in the video has the potential to eliminate vehicle emissions, help save gas, and do so without needing to modify your vehicle! It's absolutely genius and makes me so proud to work with businesses like this. He Likes It!

"I highly recommend Carl for any of your video needs. I am a small business owner of one with limited resources and needed a professional promo video and Carl over delivered in all aspects. My challenge was explaining a technology that is extremely technical in nature and Carl executed in such a way that all my customers commented the video is very well done and that it puts the technology in a light that is very easy to understand. Carl was easy to work with, flexible, creative all while embracing a very professional tone. I will utilize Carl's services in the future." ~ Jason Fowler

Video is Perfect

An explainer video is a perfect way to help your prospects understand your product or service, especially something that is technical or complex. The danger is in losing people's attention so these types of promo videos need to be engaging and the information must be presented in a way that's easy to understand.

What's Best? Animated or Live Video?

An animated video may not always be the best choice for a promo video, but that's something we can discuss. In any case, videos should be a big part of your content marketing efforts in this YouTube era.

Animated because...

Animated videos have the advantage of being more timeless than live video. An animated video may still look fresh in a few years, whereas a live video could look dated within months, and definitely within a few years. Hair, clothing, technology... all these things are constantly changing, which can make your live video look silly really fast.

Animated videos also eliminate any prejudice or assumptions about the people running the business, which is a sad, but true reality.

Live because...

Live videos are great for giving your customers and clients a face for your business and to build your brand. We want to know who we are dealing with and live videos are great for that. Live videos can also be created in much shorter time than an animated video.

Animated videos need to be made from scratch most of the time, but a live video only needs a camera, a mic, a script and a person to get in front of the camera.

But like I said, it really depends on the situation.

So if you need to develop a content marketing strategy using video to build your brand and attract new customers, get in touch with me at

International Organization for Project Management Explainer Video

This is an explainer video for the International Organization for Project Management. They offer project management certification in an easy an affordable way. I've produced four videos for this client, as they also offer certification for things like Six Sigma and Scrum. Here is what the client had to say about working with me:

[box] I want you to know that (may be another testimonial, but this is really sincere) you are one of the very few contractors I worked with who are able to deliver consistently great quality in really professional way. I knew this after I read the very first e-mail you had replied to me. :)

Kind Regards and All the Best!,

Jenny Evans International Scrum Institute - Operations


Web:[/box] To get your own explainer video for your company, product or service, please contact me at

Chegg College Counselors Explainer Video

This is an explainer video Chegg College Counselors, one of the largest student services companies in the US. This explainer video shows how students can increase their chances of getting into college with help from Chegg. The script and voiceover for this project were provided by Chegg and my role was to create the animated video. This is not my typical project, as I had no say in the script. However, it was a great experience bringing someone else's story to life, well, at least to animated life.

International Six Sigma Institute Explainer Video

An explainer video for one of my regular clients, Jenny Evans. The first video for Jenny was for her Scrum certification service. This one is to introduce a Six Sigma certification program. Pretty cool stuff. Had no idea someone can get Six Sigma certified in only an hour. Also really cool how they offer free training to help you pass the Six Sigma certification test.

How it was made

This is one of three videos for my client, Jenny. Each video has pretty much the exact same script. We only needed to change the content to match the service. And since the scripts were nearly identical, the animation was also identical.

So it was pretty simple to edit the first video into two others. We only needed new logo graphics.

I was also able to lower the cost for the two additional videos.

Great client

Really great to work with clients like this who provide simple solutions for people. And Jenny is very communicative and easy to work with. Makes my job super easy. If you're looking for Six Sigma certification, check them out:

In her own words...

"International Scrum Institute is known as an innovative and unique provider in Scrum Learning and Scrum Certifications domain. Our state-of-art platform helps individuals worldwide to obtain their Scrum Certifications online in a matter of hours. Therefore, we spent significant time and effort to identify the correct video marketing expert, Carl Kwan.

Carl has really proven that he is THE video marketing and presentation expert we looked for. He created a dynamic, energetic and attractive video like our organization. Carl is a very smart and creative person with great people, communication and artistic skills which enabled him to very quickly comprehend the vision and operating model of our organization. He came up with amazing ideas and designed a great story line for our video. In the end, the video clip Carl created for us, clearly highlighted the value our organization creates for Scrum practitioners worldwide.

Last but not least, Carl has an amazingly impressive voice quality which perfectly fit to our marketing video. I can only recommend Carl to any organization which aims to create fantastic videos.

International Scrum Institute (,

Jenny Evens"

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Carl's English Explainer Video

Yep, this one is for me. It's an English learning website I've been working on and it finally launched a couple months ago. Here some details about the video:

  • Target audience: Non-native English speakers looking to learn English.
  • Purpose: Explain the website and service, and ask people to sign up.
  • Video Type: Animated with PowToon, combined with screen capture videos.
  • Key Points: Video needed to be short, simple to understand as the target audience are non-native English speakers. Plus, all words in the script are shown to make it easier for the audience.

Check out the video    

Get in touch with me to have your own video made.

And of course, check out Carl's English if you're looking to learn English.

Done in Record Time - Medical Home Exchange Explainer Video

This explainer video for Medical Home Exchange was designed to be something like an infographic presentation but in video form. This particular explainer video is for a start up company based in Ohio, USA and was shown at an event showcasing new medical services. Videos like these are great for explaining things that you may have to explain over and over again if done in person. The video makes it easy to direct clients, prospects and customers to a non-threatening introduction to your product or service.

The client provided great background information to write the script and allowed me to choose the look based on their current business logo, brochure, etc. This made the overall turnaround time very short... like 48 hours, from start to finish, including the voiceover! But this is highly unusual and was a result of great timing and preparation.

Thanks to Pamela Owen for making this such a great experience and for being so easy to work with.

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International Scrum Institute Explainer Video

This video was made for an online Scrum software development certification service. International Scrum Institute offers an incredible service to those looking to get certification easily and inexpensively. It was a real joy to work with Jenny Evans because she was easy to communicate with, had great ideas and was open to my ideas and creative process. A great experience for everyone! Please visit International Scrum Institute if you're looking for Scrum certification:

And get in touch with me if you're looking to get a video like this for your business: