best external microphone for GoPro driving videos

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - GoPro Microphones for Driving

When working on video content marketing for Edutige, I’m always trying to demonstrate the microphones in situations that our customers would encounter. One prime example is people recording themselves with their GoPro while driving. Some of these people are racing their cars, but others are vlogging while driving. So in this week’s video content marketing for Edutige, I demonstrate the three external microphones we recommend for GoPro users who want to record themselves driving. The purpose is to let customers hear for themselves what they would get, and to help them make the choice that’s right for them.

I’m all about educating consumers. You really can’t go wrong by teaching your customers and clients about how to use your products or services, ways they can do what they want to do better, or like in this video, to be able to compare products.

So if you want to have better customers, who trust you and want to buy from you, educate them… with video, ideally.

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In this video you’ll hear the Edutige ETM-001, ETM-006 and ETM-008 connected to a GoPro Hero4 Black to find out which is the best external GoPro microphone for driving videos.

Let me know if you have any questions about which mic to choose or which one you thought was best.