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The Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course Explainer Video

Are your organization’s leaders not doing their job as well as they should? Then check out the Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course by my awesome client Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker over at About Leaders.

This explainer video is the second in a series of videos to promote leadership training and shows how you can quickly deliver a message to promote your products or services.

Explainer videos can be great tools. Consider how you can use video to help you speak to your customers and clients… before your competitors do.

Ultimate Leader Online Course Explainer Video

Here’s the first in a series of explainer videos that describe a leadership training program created by one of my favourite clients, Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker. An explainer video for your business is a great way to show your customers and clients what you do in a very easy to watch format. Live videos are great, but sometimes, an animated video is more effective because your audience focuses on the story and message more so than the person or people in the video. Animated explainer videos are non-threatening because they are basically, a cartoon.

And that’s the key benefit of using an explainer video to market your business: The message your business wants to convey comes through.

For this explainer video, I wrote the script, did the voiceover and produced the final animated video.

Visit my website or contact me to talk about getting an animated explainer video for your business:

Check out Dr. Mary Kay’s leadership programs:

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What’s the Best Camera for Producing Marketing Videos?

A rather obvious thing when you get into video marketing is that you need a camera to make your marketing videos with. But what do you use? What’s the best camera for producing marketing videos with? Check out the video to hear what I suggest. The main point I want you to take away, though, is that a camera is just a tool.

And as with any tool, the more proficient you are at using that tool, the better your results will be.

Let me know if you have any questions about cameras or other equipment for producing your video marketing content.


Don't Take This Lightly When Making Marketing Videos

Making marketing videos is awesome for your business. Yes, it takes work and perseverance, but so does anything worth doing for your business to be successful. That’s why it’s important to have a handle on some basic video production to ensure your content marketing videos are watchable and worth your time and effort. In this video you’ll see how important one key element of video production is to overall quality of your video. It is not to be taken “lightly.” 😃

Marketing videos for your business, in particular if you’re a small business, can help separate you from your competitors by demonstrating authenticity, authority in your industry and trustworthiness. Don’t let easy to correct mistakes in producing your videos put a leg hold on those benefits.

If You Don't Do This Your Videos Will Stink

If you are making videos to market your business, congratulations! Video content marketing can really help to market your products or services and is a great way to build your brand. But if you’re just getting started, or you’ve been making videos for a while, you’ll likely discover in your research the importance of one thing when it comes to creating videos that your customers will actually watch: Audio. If you didn’t know that, or if you are curious just how important good audio is to your marketing videos, check out the video and listen to the difference between using the camera’s built in microphone vs a proper microphone.

Video marketing isn’t hard, but there are some essentials that you can’t skimp on, such as audio. Poor video can sometimes be tolerated if the content is good, but if your audio is subpar there’s an overall stinkyness that just cannot be masked.

So video content marketing is cool. Do it. But do it right by also investing in a proper audio solution.

If you need help choosing something to record your videos with, let me know. Also let me know if you have experience with this and what you are currently using.

Video Content Marketing - Using Videos to Answer Customer Questions [VIDEO]

Video content marketing can be used to answer or address customer questions and concerns about your product or service. This week, I received a comment from someone on YouTube about one of the microphone test videos I made for Edutige, and I thought it was a great opportunity to show how video can be used to not only address questions and concerns, but to also demonstrate authenticity and interest in customer concerns. This can also help other people who may have the same questions/opinions.


A person on YouTube said that a test I had done was flawed, that the microphones needed to be at the same distance to the subject to better gauge performance. I agreed and pointed out a few other tests I had done that fit his test criteria. But I wanted to do another test to demonstrate the Edutige microphone’s effectiveness compared to the GoPro’s built in microphone because I thought it was a great way to address the question and create content. So challenges/questions from customers can be a great source of inspiration for content marketing purposes.

Shows authenticity

Another positive outcome of this type of video content marketing is that it demonstrates your authenticity because you’re willing to openly address customer concerns as they happen, and it shows that your company is accessible. Having your business exist behind a walled garden just doesn’t work in this day and age, and your marketing efforts should reflect this openness and authenticity.

Video content marketing builds trust

On top of showing authenticity, doing a comparison video like the one I did is a great way to build trust with your audience. They trust that your product works as it should, and they learn to trust you, as well. However, you can’t do this with one video. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, you can’t expect to make one video and be done, thinking that’s all it will take to get people to buy from you. Video content marketing can build trust but it requires a dedicated amount of effort over time to make it work in favour of your business.

Is it worth it?

Although the immediate ROI of video content marketing may seem low, you need to look at a couple of different measures. One is lifetime value of your customers, the second is that videos are a long term investment, and third, you can’t buy the type of trust you can earn through videos. This last point is especially true if you offer a service.

I don’t want to deep dive too much into whether videos are worth it, but most of the research on consumer buying behaviour points to video being highly influential. So maybe it’s a matter of doing it now to get ahead of your competition or trying to play catch up later. Your choice.