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Forever Green Promo Video - Changing the World!

This animated promo video for Forever Green is one of my favourites, because the product in the video has the potential to eliminate vehicle emissions, help save gas, and do so without needing to modify your vehicle! It's absolutely genius and makes me so proud to work with businesses like this. He Likes It!

"I highly recommend Carl for any of your video needs. I am a small business owner of one with limited resources and needed a professional promo video and Carl over delivered in all aspects. My challenge was explaining a technology that is extremely technical in nature and Carl executed in such a way that all my customers commented the video is very well done and that it puts the technology in a light that is very easy to understand. Carl was easy to work with, flexible, creative all while embracing a very professional tone. I will utilize Carl's services in the future." ~ Jason Fowler

Video is Perfect

An explainer video is a perfect way to help your prospects understand your product or service, especially something that is technical or complex. The danger is in losing people's attention so these types of promo videos need to be engaging and the information must be presented in a way that's easy to understand.

What's Best? Animated or Live Video?

An animated video may not always be the best choice for a promo video, but that's something we can discuss. In any case, videos should be a big part of your content marketing efforts in this YouTube era.

Animated because...

Animated videos have the advantage of being more timeless than live video. An animated video may still look fresh in a few years, whereas a live video could look dated within months, and definitely within a few years. Hair, clothing, technology... all these things are constantly changing, which can make your live video look silly really fast.

Animated videos also eliminate any prejudice or assumptions about the people running the business, which is a sad, but true reality.

Live because...

Live videos are great for giving your customers and clients a face for your business and to build your brand. We want to know who we are dealing with and live videos are great for that. Live videos can also be created in much shorter time than an animated video.

Animated videos need to be made from scratch most of the time, but a live video only needs a camera, a mic, a script and a person to get in front of the camera.

But like I said, it really depends on the situation.

So if you need to develop a content marketing strategy using video to build your brand and attract new customers, get in touch with me at

Pinky Pops Explainer Video

Here's an explainer video that is used to promote a company's product to potential distributors. An explainer video like this can really help you save time by not having to repeat yourself over and over to your target audience. These videos are also easy to consume when kept relatively short like this one, making them a great choice for your content marketing purposes. Here's what David, the company president had to say about working with me:

[box] Carl was amazing at listening to our concerns and taking what we wanted to incorporate the info into an animated video within a very short time frame. I firmly believe that Carl is a master within his craft and I could think of no other person to ever use or recommend when it comes to creating videos in order to market any company. Thanks Carl!!!![/box]

Working with David Tonkowich, Giselle Rosado and the talented Brigette Polmar of Brand Spoken, who also provided the voice for this video, was a great pleasure. Love working with dedicated, passionate and smart people.

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Carl's English Explainer Video

Yep, this one is for me. It's an English learning website I've been working on and it finally launched a couple months ago. Here some details about the video:

  • Target audience: Non-native English speakers looking to learn English.
  • Purpose: Explain the website and service, and ask people to sign up.
  • Video Type: Animated with PowToon, combined with screen capture videos.
  • Key Points: Video needed to be short, simple to understand as the target audience are non-native English speakers. Plus, all words in the script are shown to make it easier for the audience.

Check out the video    

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And of course, check out Carl's English if you're looking to learn English.

Moreco Explainer Video

Moreco is an amazing company that destroys sensitive digital data in an environmentally friendly way. Another great client to work with. To learn more about Moreco, visit

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Michael Bay's 3 Big Mistakes Every Presenter Must Avoid

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve had a great start to 2014. Unfortunately, Michael Bay started 2014 with a horrible presentation performance.

In this video you'll learn three mistakes Michael Bay, director of Transformers, made during a recent presentation for Samsung at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014. Michael Bay barely started his presentation and abruptly left the stage when things didn't go well while he was speaking.

Not a good thing to do, but a great way for us to learn some presentation mistakes to avoid. Click here to get a video made for your organisation.

Special thanks to PowToon!

Explainer Video for Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric Turbine

This explainer video was made for Leviathan Energy and talks about their amazing hydroelectric turbine. Leviathan Energy's hydroelectric turbine attaches to your existing pressure breaker and uses that water to produce electricity! How cool is that?? This video shows all the text because the target audience is non-native English speakers, something important to consider when making your videos.

I love working with clients like Leviathan Energy because they are trying to make a difference in the world by solving problems with innovative and simple solutions.

To get an explainer video made for your company, product or service, please contact me at Explainer Video

This animated explainer video was created for a soon-to-be launched website called ScoreYourBoss. The video helps users understand the purpose of the website and how it can benefit them. This type of website explainer video can be very helpful in showing your customers what they can expect and to help answer any questions they may have. The script, voiceover and animation in PowToon were all provided by me.

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NFSI Korea Intro Video September 2013

This is a presentation explainer video for the National Food Safety Information Service of Korea (NFSI). It is used as an introduction to NFSI during international food safety conferences.   This video is an update to one that I prepared two years ago. NFSI had a name change and new functions added so they required an updated video. I was involved from beginning to end in creating this video presentation, which also features my voice.

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Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

Here's the latest video made entirely with Powtoon to show what it can do and to help you decide if hiring me is a good idea or making the Powtoon yourself is better. Here's the link if you want to learn more about getting a Powtoon made: Should you make a Powtoon yourself or hire a Powtoonist?

And here's the video...