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Podcast Ep. 43: Building My Brand with YouTube

Show Notes: In this week's episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, we’re continuing our series about how companies have built their brands in unexpected ways. And in this episode, we’re going to hear about Carl’s experience building his brand in an unexpected way.

The importance of Carl’s brand building experience

What were you doing at the time?

Teaching presentation skills at Korean Air. They asked if there were YouTube videos I could show in class that taught presentation skills. There weren’t many. Most were bad.

What did you do? And what was the result?

I was always interested in making videos, so I decided to make my own presentations videos. Started a website called

Website gets 8-10k visitors/month; YouTube channel over 20k subscribers. Established my brand.

How did that impact your brand and business? What did you learn?

It was literally the start of everything that I’m doing now.

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Keep your ear to the ground. What do you or other people complain about or have issues with?
  2. Fill a need when opportunity presents itself, even if you don’t do it perfectly at first.
  3. Keep improving to deliver better and better results.

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Podcast Ep. 29: What is a website? – Past, present, the evolution and how it affects your brand and your business

Below are the notes that Mike and I used for the podcast. We touch on each of these points by sharing our own experiences.

Podcast Series Content: Websites & Your Brand

Over the next several weeks, we’ll talk about websites and how they can affect your branding. Each topic will be covered during one podcast. We’ll talk about the importance and provide action steps for each.

  1. What is a website – past, present, the evolution and how it affects your brand and your business
  2. Who the hell are you marketing to? And how does your website design/functionality make that happen?
  3. Setting up your website like restaurants – branding expert approach vs internet marketing where numbers count; setting your website up like a house tour
  4. User experience – one page vs multiple pages; web hosting
  5. Maintenance (ways to keep your website fresh), upkeep so your site visitors have a good experience and impression of your brand
  6. Now what? How these topics have affected our own approach to our websites

Today is episode #1

The importance of a website

  1. What is a website – a couple ways to look at it.
    1. A website is a group of web pages. Example: A business website contains a bunch of pages that describe a specific products, services and probably mention something about the company.
    2. A website is a marketing tool to build you business, to demonstrate your expertise in an area and to get your clients.
    3. People Judge Your Business Based on Your Digital Presence
    4. It’s how you will either gain business or lose business to a competitor based on some or all of the following:
  2. Evolution of websites
    1. Design Principles
    2. Past – cluttered, loud to more minimal designs
    3. Present – minimal, less is better, flat designs, more space between things and much better photos
  3. How it affects your brand:
    1. Easier to understand what your business is all about; clearly communicate what it is you offer
    2. It’s the first impression and can consciously or unconsciously be a deciding factor for whether someone chooses to do business with you
    3. Dentist site as an example
  4. Functionality
    1. Past: drive traffic to your website
    2. Convert visitors into warm prospects; using lead magnets
    3. Offering proof or justification for people to work with you;
    4. UX is important – speed, navigation
  5. Mobile responsiveness
    1. half of your traffic will probably view your stuff from a mobile phone; using new design techniques to cater to both computer users and mobile phone user
  6. How this affects your brand?
    1. For people, you’re providing an easier viewing experience. No one likes to pinch their phone to read content
    2. Google search likes it too.
  7. Web hosting makes a HUGE difference in the performance and experience of your website

Measure blog effort: Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. If you want a business website, then prepare yourself to build a business websites
    1. Cover the basics and don’t get overly artistic. Don’t make it difficult for people to find content
    2. Create the impression you want people to have of you and your brand; critical
  2. Prepare a way to convert visitors into warm prospects
    1. Set up some sort of sign up or subscribe function; Seth Godin uses RSS subscriptions for his daily blog
    2. Get an email management system; MailChimp or Get Response, etc
  3. Create a lead gen, lead magnet; Mike’s free website evaluation; one page PDF with tips for your prospects; answer people’s questions, or solves a problem

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And that’s a wrap on our blogging for business podcast. Hope this has been helpful.

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Content Marketing - 3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast [VIDEO]

In this week's video about content marketing, I’m going to talk about 3 reasons why you should start a podcast. For a guy that’s into video to suggest making a podcast might seem a bit unusual, but there are some very compelling reasons why a podcast could be a great platform for your content. Whether you choose to produce a podcast to market your business or not, this is just one of the many ways your business can implement content marketing. So have a look at the following reasons and decide for yourself if podcasting is something that would resonate with your audience.

Some stats to whet your appetite

  • Various sources peg podcast listeners in the US at around 46 million in 2015.
  • The number of subscribers on Apple’s podcast app is about 1 billion, which is like having every person in India as a podcast subscriber. It’s insane!
  • On top of that, many of those people, approximately two-thirds listen while commuting to and from work, so that means you have an audience that is always ready to listen to a podcast, 5 days a week, twice a day. Truly remarkable.

But why should you start a podcast?

First… As I mentioned above, a podcast is easy to consume because you don’t need to focus your eyes on a podcast. So you could be doing something else while listening to a podcast. As much as I love video, people aren’t watching while driving! And it’s less attention-getting to listen to a podcast while taking public transit than to watch a video a the bald Chinese guy. People won’t be wondering what the heck you’re watching. Not mention the obvious lower use of data if people are not on wifi compared to watching a video.

Second… A podcast is much easier to produce than a video. With a video, you need a camera, lights, a place to film and a good microphone… or two or three. On the other hand, to produce a podcast you only need a good microphone and a quiet room… even a walk in closet works because nobody will know! Try that with a video!

And third… A podcast is usually written out, or at the very least, you have to make some sort of outline. The script or outline can be used as part of your blog post, so together with a link or embedded player for the podcast, you have two ways for the search engines to find your content. Getting found organically like this is a great way to increase your search rankings and is safer, as you’re not likely get penalized if Google changes an algorithm because Google favours valuable content when determining search rankings.

My podcast… Betcha didn’t even know, huh?

My good friend Mike Miello and I have a podcast. I have to admit, it took some convincing for me to get going on it, so kudos to Mike for keeping at me to get the podcast going. And it’s actually him that does most of the work, including making the podcast cover art and all the editing and uploading.

How to use podcasting to build a brand with content marketingAnyway, it’s called Brand Ballers and we talk about how we use content marketing or other strategies to grow our own brands, and at the same time, we try to impart some useful tips and ideas that you can use. Our goal is to help you build a brand that people understand. Catchy, huh? 😃

If you have questions about starting a podcast… ask Mike! If you need help with creating content, coming up with ideas for content, especially video content to market your business, get in touch and let’s talk.

Thanks and talk to you next time.

Why Is There A Birthday Video on a Business Website?

It was my birthday recently and I wanted to film the day because I knew I would be out with my family. But why the heck would I want to post my birthday video on my website?? The answer is related to how the way businesses, especially small businesses, need to engage our customers or clients. People like buying from people they know and trust

This is true whether you're buying a head of lettuce from the local farmers market, getting your car serviced or hiring someone like me to help you with your business. If your customers like you, they are way more likely to keep buying from you and tell others about you.

Obviously, you also need to offer something of good enough quality and value if you want your business to succeed.

So do you need to post a birthday video?

For me, posting personal videos is a way to showcase my abilities as much as it is a way to let people get to know me. I probably wouldn't have posted this birthday video if it was poorly shot because that might make someone think twice about wanting to work with me.

Personal videos mixed in with business oriented videos is a great way to help your target market get a feeling for what it will be like to work with you, or to buy your product or service. So, if a video of your birthday helps, then go for it. There's really no wrong answer, unless what you post puts you in a negative light.

Content marketing can really be anything you need it to be, and video is one of the most powerful forms of content you can use.

Exciting times for small business owners


This is also why these are exciting times to be in business because it is now so easy to directly engage our customers. Simply having a camera or smartphone, a decent microphone and then being authentic and genuine can go a long way to helping your business succeed.

And if you need a hand getting that content made, or figuring out what content to create and what to do with it after, give me a shout.