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Trailer for Well Dressed Video Series

This is a cool project I'm working on here in Seoul. It's for the country's first foreign owned and operated custom tailor shop. But not just any kind of shop run by just any person. This is Well Dressed, run by my friend Todd Sample and his business partner Gina. Todd is from the US and is quite unique in that he's been in Korea for 20 years, speaks Korean fluently and is well known for his knowledge of business in Korea and his fashion sense. In fact, before he opened the shop he was regularly featured in fashion magazines and online fashion blogs. He's also been featured in TV documentaries and is a featured guest on the 1013 Main Street radio program.

So it was really cool when he asked me to help him create a series of videos for Well Dressed. Todd wanted to help people learn more about custom clothing, how important it is to give others a good first impression, and to show people how to develop their own individual style.

Yes, there are other custom tailor shops in Korea. In fact, there are quite a few. What sets Well Dressed apart is Todd. The fact that expat customers can communicate in English and get exactly what they want is HUGE! And Todd knows his stuff, which makes it such an awesome experience for his customers.

Check out Well Dressed here:

Anyway, here is the trailer to the first video about fit.

Software Test Institute Explainer Video

Software Test Institute helps people become software testing certified through their online training and certification test. The company also provides Six Sigma and Scrum certification, which I also made videos about. The video had a guideline based on what was to be communicated, to who, and what action was desired. I then wrote a script, did the voiceover and animation. Simple process, but the important thing is knowing who the video is for and how to communicate the desired message.

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