edutige etm-001

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: ETM-001 - The do everything microphone

Here’s a product demo that uses clips I previously shot and used them in one video. There is also a screen shot demonstrating how the microphone works. This is a great example of how you can reuse old video clips and repurpose them into new content.

The following originally appeared at If there is one microphone that we recommend more than any other, it’s the Edutige ETM-001. The ETM-001 works in practically every situation and is a favorite among GoPro users. It’s small and packs a big punch in terms of performance, and it’s affordable to boot. The ETM-001 is a 3 pole microphone, meaning it is compatible with devices like the GoPro (but needs an adapter if using the Hero3/3+/4), DSLR or mirrorless cameras that have a microphone input, camcorders with a mic input (except Canon camcorders), digital voice recorders and PCs.

Check out the audio waveforms in the video to see, and hear, the difference in quality and volume between the built in microphones and the ETM-001.

Promo Video - Edutige ETM-001 Microphone with GoPro Hero3

Some of you may know that Edutige is a client of mine. I work as their international manager and help them with creating/managing their website, as well as with creating video content for their marketing.     Get it touch with me if you have questions about video production for your business or if you would like to work with me on your next video project.

Here is the video description:

If you have a GoPro Hero3, or a Hero2, you know that the audio quality from the built-in mics isn't that great. It's adequate. But you didn't get a GoPro to be "adequate," right? To get the best audio for your GoPro Hero3, check out the Edutige ETM-001 microphone and the EGL-001 external microphone adapter for the Hero3. The Hero2 doesn't require an adapter for an external microphone.

Go to or to check out the mics and cables.