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The Johnson Firm Estate Planning Explainer Video

Marcie and Richard Johnson are a couple of fantastic lawyers in Richardson, Texas. One of their areas of specialty is estate planning and they asked me for help on a video. So, here it is! https://youtu.be/Ddc5eCTuvIE

International Six Sigma Institute Explainer Video

An explainer video for one of my regular clients, Jenny Evans. The first video for Jenny was for her Scrum certification service. This one is to introduce a Six Sigma certification program. Pretty cool stuff. Had no idea someone can get Six Sigma certified in only an hour. Also really cool how they offer free training to help you pass the Six Sigma certification test. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0L7lhDYUmk

How it was made

This is one of three videos for my client, Jenny. Each video has pretty much the exact same script. We only needed to change the content to match the service. And since the scripts were nearly identical, the animation was also identical.

So it was pretty simple to edit the first video into two others. We only needed new logo graphics.

I was also able to lower the cost for the two additional videos.

Great client

Really great to work with clients like this who provide simple solutions for people. And Jenny is very communicative and easy to work with. Makes my job super easy. If you're looking for Six Sigma certification, check them out: http://www.sixsigma-institute.org

In her own words...

"International Scrum Institute is known as an innovative and unique provider in Scrum Learning and Scrum Certifications domain. Our state-of-art platform helps individuals worldwide to obtain their Scrum Certifications online in a matter of hours. Therefore, we spent significant time and effort to identify the correct video marketing expert, Carl Kwan.

Carl has really proven that he is THE video marketing and presentation expert we looked for. He created a dynamic, energetic and attractive video like our organization. Carl is a very smart and creative person with great people, communication and artistic skills which enabled him to very quickly comprehend the vision and operating model of our organization. He came up with amazing ideas and designed a great story line for our video. In the end, the video clip Carl created for us, clearly highlighted the value our organization creates for Scrum practitioners worldwide.

Last but not least, Carl has an amazingly impressive voice quality which perfectly fit to our marketing video. I can only recommend Carl to any organization which aims to create fantastic videos.

International Scrum Institute (www.scrum-institute.org),

Jenny Evens"

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Software Test Institute Explainer Video

Software Test Institute helps people become software testing certified through their online training and certification test. The company also provides Six Sigma and Scrum certification, which I also made videos about. The video had a guideline based on what was to be communicated, to who, and what action was desired. I then wrote a script, did the voiceover and animation. Simple process, but the important thing is knowing who the video is for and how to communicate the desired message.

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Moreco Explainer Video

Moreco is an amazing company that destroys sensitive digital data in an environmentally friendly way. Another great client to work with. To learn more about Moreco, visit http://moreco.se

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What is a Presentation?

If you've ever wondered why you should learn presentation skills or don't like giving presentations, then this is the video for you. By the way, it's also a promo-video sample... :-) I am a presentations, promo-video and marketing consultant based in Seoul, South Korea. I offer presentations training and consulting, as well as making promo-videos like this to help clients maximize marketing opportunities through video.

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Carl Kwan

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How Presentation Skills Help You Be More Successful

This is an introduction video for how presentation skills are essential to your success. I share my own story about discovering the power of presentations and hope that you will want to improve or develop your presentation skills, too.

My videos are dedicated to helping you improve your presentations skills. You'll also see samples of my promo-video work because promoting your products and services in a video is directly related to presentation techniques and concepts.

If you're ready to take the next step and work with me, here are the things I can help you with...

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