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SRNK Biomass Disposal Explainer Video

The SRNK (pronounced shrink) biomass disposal video was an interesting project to work on because it's a topic I didn't know much about. But I quickly understood the importance of presenting the message they wanted to get out since this video was going to used as a hook for a potentially years long contract. https://youtu.be/eQ5P1t4ZFdU

That's the great thing about explainer videos... They make it easy to explain complicated or hard to understand topics in a simple and engaging way. Well, at least that's what a good video should do. So if you want a good explainer video to help explain something that's difficult to explain, click here and let's talk.

By the way, this is another project where I wrote the script, did the voiceover and produced the final video. Whew! But it was fun and always great meeting the people behind these products and services.

Explainer Video for Software Development Company

If your company develops software solutions for a specific industry, you’ll want to check out this explainer video for Vinosoft by SparkDynamics of Switzerland. Vinosoft is software designed specifically to help wine shops run their business. The challenge of producing an explainer video like this is ensuring that you have a good understanding of your target audience, especially their pain points and how your software addresses those points, so that your video can communicate that understanding. The Focus

For the Vinosoft explainer video, we focused on how individual wine shop owners got into the wine business because of their love of wine. But they’ve lost some of that passion because of the overwhelming amount of work required to run their business. And that’s where Vinosoft comes in to help, so we made sure that the video explained what Vinosoft can do and the benefits to the user.

Here's what Andy from SparkDynamic had to say about the Vinosoft explainer video project:

"Our company offers various software solutions for businesses. We asked Carl to produce an explainer video to introduce Vinosoft, which is a wine business management software to our customers. The concern we had was getting our prospects to see that we understood their main issues and had a solution for them.

Fortunately, Carl was able to write a script, record a voiceover and produce a video that clearly delivered our message...and that was also fun and engaging. Not only was Carl able to do this for the English version of our video, but he also produced a German language version, as well.

Carl is an excellent communicator and is very responsive to emails. He makes it extremely easy to work with him and he produces top notch, professional results. I highly recommend Carl and look forward to working with him again."


To learn how you can get your own explainer video to market your product or service, please send me a message.

Check out Vinosoft and SparkDynamic at: http://www.sparkdynamic.com/

Animated Explainer Video for BusinessMobiles.com

Videos to promote your business don't need to be long and complicated. This animated explainer video for BusinessMobiles.com is a great example of a video that is short, but it gives customers all the information they need to take the next step. And that's what your main promo video should do, too... Move your prospects along your sales funnel. More to come on this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stq6k3ncP2A