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Video Marketing for Edutige - iPhone 6 External Microphone vs Edutige EIM-001 [VIDEO]

This is the current video and post for Edutige Microphones and is a simple way to demonstrate how an Edutige microphone performs compared to the iPhone's built in microphone. Video marketing doesn't have to be complicated but it should be done with a clear purpose. Check out the video and post for ideas and, hopefully, inspiration.

In this video you’ll learn about OOiA and why you need to stop it… In other words, you’ll hear the difference between the iPhone 6’s built in microphone and the Edutige EIM-001 external microphone for iOS and Apple devices. The iPhone has never really had a built in microphone, even though the iPhone 6’s is pretty decent. Still, if you’re into recording bird songs, vlogging with your iPhone, or making a marketing video with your iPhone, then you’re going to need an external microphone to give you better audio.

The EIM-001

The Edutige EIM-001 is an omnidirectional high-gain microphone, which means it will significantly boost the recording volume of whatever you are recording. The cool thing is that you can simply connect the EIM-001 to your iPhone (or any iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple computer) and get an instant improvement in audio quality.

Something far away can be picked up by the EIM-001, whereas the same sound is barely audible using just the iPhone’s built in microphone. The video above is a pretty example of what the EIM-001 can do, so be sure to check that out.

On top of the performance, the EIM-001 is small and made out of metal, so it’s easy to carry around and well made.

It’s for everybody… almost

The EIM-001 is a great choice for an external microphone for your iPhone, especially when you want louder and better sounding audio compared to the built in microphone of your iPhone. However, if you need quality over loudness, then look into the EIM-003. And if you need to record a single sound source that isn’t more than 3 feet away, then have a look at the EIM-008.

Let me know if you have any questions about which external microphone is right for you and your device.

Video Content Marketing - The ROI on videos for your Business [VIDEO]

What’s the payoff?? In this video you’ll learn about the cost of video content marketing and in particular, where is the payoff and what happens when you spend money on video content marketing. This is an important topic for any business owner who is contemplating using video marketing to promote his/her business because you need to know if videos are worth it. It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you to get videos made because making them is what I do. But what if you’re on the fence about video marketing, or what if you’ve been doing it and you’re having second thoughts because you haven’t achieved any measurable results?

What’s the ROI on video content marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuck famously talked about social media ROI and argued about the ROI of his mother when he was up against a somewhat stubborn CMO. His point being that ROI cannot always be measured as data points, that the results of your social media efforts are the proof that it works. Here’s Gary’s post on ROI:

Gary’s saying that social media, and this includes video content marketing, is something that adds value to your customer’s experience and that will pay you back over the long haul.

So when it comes to the ROI of video content marketing you need to consider a longer term view because any content you put on your website will continue to be of value over time. I should say that your content needs to actually be of value to your audience or else it won’t be much use no matter how long it’s up.

Videos build trust before the sale

The power of videos to build trust and establish a relationship with your target market before they ever buy cannot be underestimated. When videos are done right they not only put you and your business in the minds of your customers, but they assure your customers that working with you is the right choice.

This also works when customers refer you to others. It’s much easier for someone to say, “Check out this video by that company I worked with,” than to try and explain why you like working with that business. I recently showed my real estate client appreciation video to someone who immediately got excited about working with that particular realtor.

So it works!

If you’re still on the fence about using video marketing because of the cost and the time, I hope this video and post give you some sense of reassurance to move forward. Because the thing is, if you don’t, your competition will.