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Video Content Marketing - Edutige EIM-001 vs iPhone Built In Mic

Here's the latest video for Edutige, which is a test of the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone 6's built in microphone. This is simulating what someone who is vlogging with an iPhone might be doing. These tests are important to help customers learn more about the products and they help customers buy with confidence. Here's the description I wrote for the test... If you are vlogging with an iPhone, in this video you’ll see a test comparing the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone’s built in microphone. The Edutige EIM-001 is a high gain microphone that boosts the input volume of your iPhone’s audio during video recording… and for audio, too. If you want to know how to improve your iPhone’s audio quality, then check out this video and check out the microphone, too.