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Done in Record Time - Medical Home Exchange Explainer Video

This explainer video for Medical Home Exchange was designed to be something like an infographic presentation but in video form. This particular explainer video is for a start up company based in Ohio, USA and was shown at an event showcasing new medical services. Videos like these are great for explaining things that you may have to explain over and over again if done in person. The video makes it easy to direct clients, prospects and customers to a non-threatening introduction to your product or service.

The client provided great background information to write the script and allowed me to choose the look based on their current business logo, brochure, etc. This made the overall turnaround time very short... like 48 hours, from start to finish, including the voiceover! But this is highly unusual and was a result of great timing and preparation.

Thanks to Pamela Owen for making this such a great experience and for being so easy to work with.

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International Scrum Institute Explainer Video

This video was made for an online Scrum software development certification service. International Scrum Institute offers an incredible service to those looking to get certification easily and inexpensively. It was a real joy to work with Jenny Evans because she was easy to communicate with, had great ideas and was open to my ideas and creative process. A great experience for everyone! Please visit International Scrum Institute if you're looking for Scrum certification:

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