how to use video content marketing for small business

Learning is Good

I like making these mini films documenting things going on in my life. I have tons of video material that I never upload or even get around to editing, but I'll start uploading more. One reason I want to upload more is because it's a good way to force me to be creative. Secondly, it shows potential clients the type of work I do.

Like anything with video content marketing, a large part of it is demonstrating value, letting people in on who you are and helping them feel comfortable working with you.

Anyway, hope you like these slice of life videos.

Video Content Marketing Made Easy

Video content marketing made easy. How? Your best resource for content comes from your customers’ questions. When you answer questions, you are helping people overcome objections, move them along the buying cycle and establishing trust. All good things. And all things that can be done with simple, short videos. Check out the example in the video where I talk about our dentist.

Video Content Marketing - Why Businesses Are Not Using Video

Why aren’t all businesses using video marketing? A number of reasons…some of which are sorta legit. But mostly, there’s apprehension and fear over the idea of making videos. Business owners know that video is a powerful marketing tool, but they wrongly assume that it is out-of-reach or they have no idea where to start. So in this video, you’ll learn about why businesses are not using video and you’ll also learn 3 steps you can take to start using video marketing for your business.