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Video Content Marketing - Why People Want to do Business with People

No matter what business you are in, you have to do business with people. And most of the time, it’s your relationship with people that determines how well your business performs. That’s why using videos can be such a powerful tool. Videos allow customers and prospects to get to know you and, hopefully, like you before, while and after they do business with you. Video content marketing lets you put a face to your business that customers can identify with and feel a sense of rapport with. Videos with you in them help your business separate itself from the many faceless companies people normally deal with.

It’s well-known that people like doing business with people they know, like and trust and video marketing gives you a powerful tool build and maintain that relationship.

Check out the video for more info and let me know your thoughts on what video can do to build relationships.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - How To Connect an External Microphone to iPhone 7

A big part of content marketing is helping your customers discover solutions to problems or issues they are having. With the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the pain point for customers is not being able to connect an external microphone in order to make videos, to vlog or to record audio for things such as bird watching. And even though Apple released a Lightning port to 3.5mm headphone adapter, it was relatively unknown as to whether or not the adapter would work with external microphones. So to help, I put together a video demonstrating how to connect an Edutige external microphone to an iPhone using the new Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable. The cable works perfectly and offers a simple solution for Edutige customers so they don’t have to worry that their microphones won’t work with the iPhone 7.

This is the power of video content marketing. You can quickly demonstrate a solution to an immediate problem that your customers have, which makes them happy and earns your company trust and credibility.

Check out the video below and the original post, which is here:

If you have an iPhone 7 and you want to connect an external microphone, your only choice is to use the Apple Lighting to 3.5mm adapter dongle thingy. So I wanted to find out if our Edutige external microphones are compatible with the Apple Lighting to 3.5mm dongle. Long story short… YEP, all of the EIM series Edutige external microphones work flawlessly with the Lightning port on either the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5.

The video shows a test of an EIM-008 external microphone connected to an iPhone 6 via the Lightning port, but other people have tested the Edutige microphones with the iPhone 7 and other iPhones with the Lightning port and everything works great.

One thing to be aware of is to connect the microphone to the Lightning to 3.5mm dongle and then connect the dongle to the iPhone’s Lightning port. If you don’t, the iPhone will use the built in microphone instead of the external microphone. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The cool thing is that if you are vlogging, making videos for your business or recording audio with your iPhone 7, you can now connect a 3.5mm external microphone using the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. All is good.

Video Content Marketing - Why Before & After Videos are Awesome

When you create videos to help market your business, you might get stuck with ideas for what to say or what type of videos to make. A simple way is to look at traditional marketing campaigns or techniques for inspiration. And one of the best, and most effective, is before and after. Have a look at the video to learn more about using before and after and a quick example, too.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: Before & After Test of iPhone Built In Mic vs Edutige Mic

When showing how your product or service helps your customers, a simple before and after comparison can often be the most effective method to do so. And video is the perfect medium for a before and after because customers can clearly see, and in this case, hear, the difference. A before and after video quickly identifies who the target audience is, what the end goal will be, and how the customer can achieve the same result.

Video content marketing can easily borrow ideas from other forms of marketing, with the added benefit of being highly visual and engaging.

How can you use a before and after video to demonstrate your product or service? Would love to hear about your experience.

Here is the original post on the Edutige website:

If you have an iPhone 6, 6s or iPhone 7, the built in microphone is pretty good, especially if you’re into vlogging with your iPhone. You might even think you don’t need an external microphone anymore. But what about when it’s windy? Here’s a before and after comparing the iPhone 6’s built in microphone vs the Edutige EIM-001 external microphone with an EWS-003 furry windscreen. I think you’ll see why an external microphone with a furry windscreen is still an essential tool for vlogging or making videos with your iPhone.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: ETM-001 - The do everything microphone

Here’s a product demo that uses clips I previously shot and used them in one video. There is also a screen shot demonstrating how the microphone works. This is a great example of how you can reuse old video clips and repurpose them into new content.

The following originally appeared at If there is one microphone that we recommend more than any other, it’s the Edutige ETM-001. The ETM-001 works in practically every situation and is a favorite among GoPro users. It’s small and packs a big punch in terms of performance, and it’s affordable to boot. The ETM-001 is a 3 pole microphone, meaning it is compatible with devices like the GoPro (but needs an adapter if using the Hero3/3+/4), DSLR or mirrorless cameras that have a microphone input, camcorders with a mic input (except Canon camcorders), digital voice recorders and PCs.

Check out the audio waveforms in the video to see, and hear, the difference in quality and volume between the built in microphones and the ETM-001.

Vlogging with a Canon EOS M and the ETM-001 [VIDEO]

Here is the latest content marketing video for Edutige microphones. In this video I demonstrate how the ETM-001 performs with a Canon EOS M to show customers one of the different ways the Edutige microphones can be used. One big advantage of Edutige microphones is the small size but excellent performance. Here is the video, description and post for the microphone...

Vlogging is extremely popular nowadays and so I wanted to make a video about how to use an Edutige ETM-001 microphone together with a Canon EOS M, or any DSLR camera, to get good audio when filming a vlog. One reason why I wanted to make this video is because I don't think the majority of people are comfortable going out and filming themselves and using a large microphone on top of their camera. I'm not saying it's wrong because a shotgun microphone on top of your camera is a great way to record a vlog, but what I am saying is that you might feel more comfortable if people do not notice the equipment you are using. And that might make it easier for you to make your vlog. So, that’s why using an external microphone like the ETM-001 plugged directly into your camera is a nice discrete way to get great audio along with great video.

In this video the camera is never more than about 2 feet away from me but you will hear how big a difference there is between the camera's built-in microphone and the Edutige ETM-001. One thing that I did was use the manual gain control on the camera to set the volume level before recording. What you are hearing in the video use the same volume setting for both the external microphone and the built-in microphone.

The other thing I want you to listen for is how much wind noise there is when using the EOS M’s built-in microphone versus the ETM-001 with the EWS-003 furry windscreen. While filming the video, the wind was blowing the entire time. But you will notice that there was no wind noise what so ever.

So if you are going to vlog with a Canon DSLR or EOS M, or any other camera and you don't want to draw attention to yourself by using a big microphone on top of your camera, then check out the ETM-001 and how well it performs.

Video Content Marketing - It’s either you or your competition [VIDEO]

In this video about video content marketing I'm going to talk about the almost absolute necessity for your business to be using video marketing. If you take a look around you can't help but see and hear so much about video content marketing and how your business should be using videos. You might still be hesitant or scoff at the idea of using video marketing, but here's the thing: it's either you or your competition.

You're not the only one

Your competition is also equally aware of how much talk there is about using videos to market their business. So you're not the only one, not the only business, that is being influenced by what is happening. Your competition is also sitting there wondering if they should implement a video marketing strategy. Or they already have and you're already behind the game.

Reality check

Videos have been around for several years now and are starting to really pick up steam in terms of how many companies are using videos. Even pizzerias are starting to use video marketing to talk about their company and to help their customers.

So the reality is that video is here and now. And if you're not already using video, or you are on the fence about using video, you are really missing out on a huge opportunity to separate your company from your competition.

It's not the camera

Getting started with video is not nearly as daunting of a task as you may think. Camera technology has made creating your own videos much more accessible than in the past. For example, the iPhone has been used to film videos for Bentley. Granted, they had professional filmmakers working on those projects, but the point is there is no longer a legitimate excuse for not getting started with video because of technology.

Production value does matter

The key then is to begin shooting videos as soon as possible, like yesterday. Obviously, the quality of the videos, in terms of production value, does matter. Some may say it does not matter, but with so many high-quality videos being produced and uploaded daily on YouTube, production value is important if you want your brand to be seen as credible and professional.

At the very least, you need some lighting and a good microphone.

Make videos

My advice is to watch some video making tutorials on YouTube, or take an online course, and get started. The most important aspect is actually the content and how you want your brand to be perceived by your audience.

Your first videos may not be very good, but that should not stop you from continuing to make them. Or it may tell you that you need professional help.

Either way, your competition is not going to sit and wait until everybody is using video content marketing. You shouldn't, too.

Case Study - Using Video Content Marketing To Create Educated Customers

Video Content Marketing Educates Consumers The video below is a continuation of the content marketing strategy we are using for Edutige Microphones. The goal is to use video content to help Edutige customers make an informed buying decision.

Edutige offers a range of external microphone products but needed a way to explain compatibility with cameras, and what each microphone does.

Having this type of information available can help customers save time and energy because they won't have to scour the internet looking for answers or ideas on how to use the microphones.

Major Misconception About Video Marketing

When it comes to video, one of the biggest misconceptions is that a client only needs one video, preferably a viral video. The truth is that nobody has a formula for making a viral video.

We don't have direct control over whether a video goes viral or not. And even if a video goes viral, it doesn't necessarily mean an increase in sales.

But what we can control is the type and amount of content we create and release. Creating videos, as in more than one, that educate, inform, build trust and brand awareness is my preferred strategy.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality does count. Five great videos are far better than 50 mediocre videos. This can be helpful for small businesses with limited budgets.

If you happen to be a small business, and your competition isn't using video, or they aren't using it well, quality video can really help yourself stand out from the crowd.

What Does Quality Video Mean?

Does quality mean slick, high end productions, big crews showing up and a famous celebrity pitching your product or service? Maybe. But it doesn't.

Understanding your target market, delivering relevant information, having a good product/service, providing good customer support are equally, it not more, important.

Your video only needs to be well lit, have a good audio and be set in an appropriate location.

The most important part is what you're going talk about in the video. Sometimes, you don't even need to talk.

Edutige Needs Video... And You?

For Edutige, we have been using video as the primary form of content marketing because that is a medium that customers prefer. Words and pictures are great, but video reigns supreme.

To get started with content marketing using video, or to improve what you're currently doing, get in touch with me here.