how to use video to market business

Video Content Marketing - Why People Want to do Business with People

No matter what business you are in, you have to do business with people. And most of the time, it’s your relationship with people that determines how well your business performs. That’s why using videos can be such a powerful tool. Videos allow customers and prospects to get to know you and, hopefully, like you before, while and after they do business with you. Video content marketing lets you put a face to your business that customers can identify with and feel a sense of rapport with. Videos with you in them help your business separate itself from the many faceless companies people normally deal with.

It’s well-known that people like doing business with people they know, like and trust and video marketing gives you a powerful tool build and maintain that relationship.

Check out the video for more info and let me know your thoughts on what video can do to build relationships.

Video Content Marketing - Why Before & After Videos are Awesome

When you create videos to help market your business, you might get stuck with ideas for what to say or what type of videos to make. A simple way is to look at traditional marketing campaigns or techniques for inspiration. And one of the best, and most effective, is before and after. Have a look at the video to learn more about using before and after and a quick example, too.

Will Video Marketing Really Help My Business?

Even though video marketing seems to dominate the headlines when it comes to “the next big thing” for businesses, there is still some apprehension. That fear of not knowing if video marketing will really help your business. The unknown is possibly even greater when it comes to video content marketing because most business owners are not familiar with the entire production and usage of video. Totally understand. Hopefully, this video will help you get off the fence and see that there isn’t really anything to fear. Hopefully.

Video Content Marketing: What’s Better? Short vs Long Videos

When your business decides it’s 2016 and you should FINALLY get an explainer video, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out what content should go in your video. You want your message to come across clearly so you include as much information as possible. But is this what you should do? What’s better? A short video or a long video?

Check out the my take on this topic and then let me know your thoughts or questions about creating an explainer video for your business.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: A How To Video to Educate Customers

In this week’s video for Edutige, I’m continuing to help customers get the most out of their microphones by teaching them why and how to adjust the audio levels of their videos or audio recordings. Sometimes people assume that a microphone just magically works to improve audio quality and will increase recording volume, too. Unfortunately, with the exception of certain microphones, that’s not the case.

I wanted to educate Edutige customers and help them overcome any fear or lack of knowledge they may have about editing their audio. Granted, this is a pretty simple explanation but it should help those who wonder why the microphone doesn’t sound any louder than the built in microphone on their camera or recording device.

So always look for ways to improve your customers’ knowledge and understanding, even if it is a topic that seems “obvious” or something that you think is general knowledge. The more educated your customers, the more likely they will make a smart buying decision and want to make that purchase from you.

Here is the original post that was published on:

How to Adjust Audio Levels in Editing for Videos or Audio Recordings

In this video you’ll learn why and how you need to adjust the audio levels of your videos or audio recordings when using an external microphone. This applies to pretty much any microphone you use, whether it’s an Edutige microphone or any other brand. And it also applies to whatever camera or audio recording device you’re using.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Best Microphone for YouTube

When you are selling a product or service, it’s natural that you would want to compare your offerings with those of the competition. There are many ways to do this, but for Edutige Microphones, I pit competing products directly against ours. Obviously, you need to trust that your product performs as well or better than your competitor, but this type of transparency can be a valuable commodity when building your brand and marketing with video. In the video, I praise the Rode VideoMic Pro because it really is a good product. I also educate people by explaining why they would want to use a certain microphone for certain filming conditions because it seems like a lot of people are looking for a microphone for their YouTube videos.

So for your products or services, consider doing a direct comparison video. This will help build trust and show people that you are transparent and authentic. Cool things.

Here is the original post on Edutige’s YouTube channel and website:

The best microphone for YouTube is probably one of the most common search terms on YouTube because so many people realize the importance of good audio for their YouTube videos. So, in this video you’ll see a comparison between the very popular YouTube microphone, the Rode VideoMic Pro, versus the Edutige ETM-006 lavalier microphone. Microphones are tools and so you want the right tool for the job. Sometimes, a shotgun microphone is good. Other times, a lavalier microphone is good.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: ETM-001 - The do everything microphone

Here’s a product demo that uses clips I previously shot and used them in one video. There is also a screen shot demonstrating how the microphone works. This is a great example of how you can reuse old video clips and repurpose them into new content.

The following originally appeared at If there is one microphone that we recommend more than any other, it’s the Edutige ETM-001. The ETM-001 works in practically every situation and is a favorite among GoPro users. It’s small and packs a big punch in terms of performance, and it’s affordable to boot. The ETM-001 is a 3 pole microphone, meaning it is compatible with devices like the GoPro (but needs an adapter if using the Hero3/3+/4), DSLR or mirrorless cameras that have a microphone input, camcorders with a mic input (except Canon camcorders), digital voice recorders and PCs.

Check out the audio waveforms in the video to see, and hear, the difference in quality and volume between the built in microphones and the ETM-001.

Video Content Marketing: Edutige ETM-001 with GoPro Hero4 Black for Live Music [VIDEO]

This post originally appeared on This video was posted to and was used to demonstrate how a certain microphone performed while recording live music. This video was made because many GoPro users have asked me about using the Edutige microphones for recording live music. So this video was a way for me to create content that answers a pressing question for our customers. This is the power of content marketing, in particular video, because you are able to demonstrate quite clearly how your product works, which makes the buying decision for your customers so much easier. It also helps to reduce the number of questions you may get, which saves time and resources.

This is the original post on and the Edutige YouTube Channel:

We often get people asking how our microphones perform when recording live music. In this video, there was a small band playing down at the mall so I decided to film them and use the footage to demonstrate how well the Edutige ETM-001 works compared to the GoPro’s built-in microphone. One thing I noticed was that the overall volume appeared the same when editing; the main difference was the audio quality. In it’s defence, the GoPro was in the skeleton housing but the difference in quality is still pretty obvious. The ETM-001 was connected to the GoPro using the Edutige EGL-001 mini USB adapter cable. The mic and cable, along with the EWS-003 furry windscreen, come as a specially priced bundle:

Video Content Marketing - It’s either you or your competition [VIDEO]

In this video about video content marketing I'm going to talk about the almost absolute necessity for your business to be using video marketing. If you take a look around you can't help but see and hear so much about video content marketing and how your business should be using videos. You might still be hesitant or scoff at the idea of using video marketing, but here's the thing: it's either you or your competition.

You're not the only one

Your competition is also equally aware of how much talk there is about using videos to market their business. So you're not the only one, not the only business, that is being influenced by what is happening. Your competition is also sitting there wondering if they should implement a video marketing strategy. Or they already have and you're already behind the game.

Reality check

Videos have been around for several years now and are starting to really pick up steam in terms of how many companies are using videos. Even pizzerias are starting to use video marketing to talk about their company and to help their customers.

So the reality is that video is here and now. And if you're not already using video, or you are on the fence about using video, you are really missing out on a huge opportunity to separate your company from your competition.

It's not the camera

Getting started with video is not nearly as daunting of a task as you may think. Camera technology has made creating your own videos much more accessible than in the past. For example, the iPhone has been used to film videos for Bentley. Granted, they had professional filmmakers working on those projects, but the point is there is no longer a legitimate excuse for not getting started with video because of technology.

Production value does matter

The key then is to begin shooting videos as soon as possible, like yesterday. Obviously, the quality of the videos, in terms of production value, does matter. Some may say it does not matter, but with so many high-quality videos being produced and uploaded daily on YouTube, production value is important if you want your brand to be seen as credible and professional.

At the very least, you need some lighting and a good microphone.

Make videos

My advice is to watch some video making tutorials on YouTube, or take an online course, and get started. The most important aspect is actually the content and how you want your brand to be perceived by your audience.

Your first videos may not be very good, but that should not stop you from continuing to make them. Or it may tell you that you need professional help.

Either way, your competition is not going to sit and wait until everybody is using video content marketing. You shouldn't, too.

Video content marketing - Being trustworthy and credible online [VIDEO]

Video content marketing is a great way to build trust and credibility with your target market because of the emotional and personal nature afforded by video. But as consumers ourselves, many of us have had the experience of feeling let down, losing trust and feeling duped by a company we did business with. Trust and credibility are, to me, huge factors when it comes to having a successful business.

So what about being trustworthy and credible online?

Trust and credibility online is even more fragile because of how easy it is for people to criticize, stop doing business with us and let the world know about it. One or two bad comments on Facebook or a poor review on Yelp or Amazon can do some serious damage from which a business will have a hard time recovering. Think about the last time you were jilted… Still ticked off or feeling negative towards that person or business? Your customers are the same.

They'll look

Your customers develop trust and believe in your credibility by what they see of you online. Many people will Google your products, services, company, and possibly, either you or your team members before making a buying decision. At the very least, they’ll look at reviews.

Have your house in order

Because of how easy it is for your customers to find things about you, it is highly recommended that you do an audit of your social media channels. And I don't mean your professional social media channels. Be sure to go through any personal spaces online and make sure that who you are is congruent with how you want you and your company to be seen.

Authenticity matters

The thing is, you can't just get rid of anything negative online and hope that nobody knows. Yes, you definitely want to be careful with what you post or comment on and your customers or clients may be forgiving. But hopefully, you and your team members and your business started out with a higher level of standard.

Be true... Or else

Maybe it's your mission statement that guides and directs all of your actions, that keeps you focused, authentic and true to yourself, your business, your brand, and most importantly, to your customers. Whatever it is, be almost hypersensitive to protecting that image and growing it because it can be lost so easily.

We only need to look at Volkswagen and diesel gate to see a perfect example of how a company has lost trust and credibility and how damaging that can be.

Video is your friend

Video content marketing can be a powerful ally when it comes to building and maintaining trust and credibility with your audience. So look into how the videos you produce not only provide value, but also continue to nurture trust and credibility.

Maybe you tell personal stories, maybe you show how your products or services impact the lives of others, or maybe you are just incredibly giving when it comes to educating your customers. Any of these forms of content are going to help. Just be sure to back them up by being congruent outside of that content.

Let me know if you want to talk about video content marketing for your business.