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The Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course Explainer Video

Are your organization’s leaders not doing their job as well as they should? Then check out the Ultimate Leader Accelerator Course by my awesome client Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker over at About Leaders. https://youtu.be/eCYev-vUhD8

This explainer video is the second in a series of videos to promote leadership training and shows how you can quickly deliver a message to promote your products or services.

Explainer videos can be great tools. Consider how you can use video to help you speak to your customers and clients… before your competitors do.

Explainer Video for MyOrderDesk Gets 200% Increase in Lead Generation

This little video was used in two email campaigns and produced a 200% increase in leads for PagePath’s MyOrderDesk. I’m lucky enough to get to work with amazing companies and help them grow their business with explainer videos, such as this one. Here's what Adam Witek from PagePath had to say:

The video you created us has been a success! We've used it in 2 email marketing campaigns and saw more than a 200% increase in lead generation.


Explainer videos are a powerful way to engage your audience because they are easy to consume.

But an explainer video must be more than just a bunch of drawings flying around a screen. An effective explainer video must clearly and concisely speak to your audience and lead to a desired action.

All too often, explainer videos are created without focusing on the message your audience wants/needs to hear.

That’s why I always spend a lot of time understanding what your business is all about, how you bring value to your customers and what is the best way to speak to those customers.

In other words, I zero in on the script and build an explainer video that best represents the message you want to get across.

So get in touch to talk about getting an explainer video that delivers results.

Ultimate Leader Online Course Explainer Video

Here’s the first in a series of explainer videos that describe a leadership training program created by one of my favourite clients, Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker. An explainer video for your business is a great way to show your customers and clients what you do in a very easy to watch format. Live videos are great, but sometimes, an animated video is more effective because your audience focuses on the story and message more so than the person or people in the video. Animated explainer videos are non-threatening because they are basically, a cartoon.

And that’s the key benefit of using an explainer video to market your business: The message your business wants to convey comes through.


For this explainer video, I wrote the script, did the voiceover and produced the final animated video.

Visit my website or contact me to talk about getting an animated explainer video for your business: carl@carlkwan.com

Check out Dr. Mary Kay’s leadership programs: https://www.drmarykay.com/ultimate-leader-certification/

And what they said about working with me: http://www.carlkwan.com/testimonials/