Edutige America Promo Video 2015

In case you don't know, I've been helping Edutige microphones for a few years now and create marketing videos for them. A few years ago I made an animated promo video for Edutige, so it was time to update the video. Why a live video and not an animated one?

This was mainly because the product is one that needs to be seen and, specifically, heard. Second, people are busy and want to get their information quickly, or at least for videos to get to the point.

So although we could've chosen an animated video, it was much faster and easier to show what the products do in a live video. I was also itching to shoot something was the other reason, but anyway...

Why are you in the videos?

I firmly believe that consumers like authenticity, although they may not describe it that way, and being front and center in the videos adds that authenticity. I'm also not an actor, or at least a very poor one, but I think it helps people see that I'm a real person. What that means is that it's easier for people to identify with me, which hopefully, builds a level of trust.

At the end of the day, people buy from you because they trust you. And that's why I'm happy to be in all the videos. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Can you make me a live video?

Now that I'm back in Canada, yes, this is way easier to do. I can do product or content videos like the Edutige ones. If you need me to come to you, that's cool but you'll have to cover my airfare and accommodations. Get in touch with me here.

And finally, here's the Edutige America Promo video.


NFSI Korea Intro Video September 2013

This is a presentation explainer video for the National Food Safety Information Service of Korea (NFSI). It is used as an introduction to NFSI during international food safety conferences.   This video is an update to one that I prepared two years ago. NFSI had a name change and new functions added so they required an updated video. I was involved from beginning to end in creating this video presentation, which also features my voice.

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The Dog Days of Summer

A short film about my family's visit to a dog cafe in Seoul. We love animals, especially my son, but we don't have any pets. This was a great way to spend time with family and play with some dogs, too. You only pay for a drink or a snack for each person in your party. If you like, you can buy some doggy snacks so you'll get some attention from the dogs.

From a business perspective, this is also an example of how a short promo video like this can show potential customers what your business has to offer. In this case, a fun, friendly, family-oriented place for those that love dogs.


The Dog Days of Summer from Carl Kwan on Vimeo.

BAFIK Promo Video - Interview with Ian Matthews

BAFIK (British Army Fitness in Korea) is run by founder and coach, Ian Matthews. In this video, Ian talks about why BAFIK exists, what you can expect from BAFIK and what BAFIK means to him. Ian's a great guy and a good friend. It was great to be able to shoot this little video for him. This type of interview video is great because it lets the business owner speak from his or her heart, which is what we see here in Ian's video. We actually began the interview indoors but I realized Ian wasn't in his element unless he was outside doing something. And that's how we were able to get him to open up and just be himself. And that's what ultimately his or your clients and customers will be attracted to...the honesty and genuineness.

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What is a Presentation?

If you've ever wondered why you should learn presentation skills or don't like giving presentations, then this is the video for you. By the way, it's also a promo-video sample... :-) I am a presentations, promo-video and marketing consultant based in Seoul, South Korea. I offer presentations training and consulting, as well as making promo-videos like this to help clients maximize marketing opportunities through video.

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The National Food Safety Information Service of Korea's Presentation & Video for the WHO & FAO

The President of the National Food Safety Information Service of Korea (NFSI), Dr. Eun Sook Moon, asked me to help with a presentation to talk about how the NFSI supports the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). The presentation was going to be attended by a mainly Asian-Pacific audience made up of food safety experts working in each countries' respective governments. But the VVIPs were the WHO and FAO. Yes, THE WHO. And the FAO...the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Two heavyweights were going to be there so it was important to make a good impression. Additionally, the NFSI wanted to promote the amazing information database system they use. It's this system, plus the extremely talented NFSI staff that provide the support for the KFDA.

Since the audience was mainly non-native English speakers, the slides had to help communicate the message even if the audience couldn't catch what was spoken. I made sure to keep to a single point per slide to make it easy for the audience to follow. This also made it easier for Dr. Moon to focus on what to say without having to worry about extra points. The other consideration was that it was likely the audience was going to want a PDF or the PowerPoint slides to have documentation they could take home or have emailed. So the slides had to be easy enough to understand without becoming a document.

To conclude the presentation, I suggested that we introduce the NFSI staff by letting them introduce themselves in a video. Sounds boring, but what you don't know is that since the NFSI monitors and collects food safety information from 48 countries worldwide, they have staff that can speak Korean, plus at least one of SIX other languages! I thought it'd be a cool idea to let those talented people show off by introducing themselves using whatever other language they speak.

One of the biggest challenges in preparing a presentation with statistics, dates and events is keep a good flow and not bog down the audience. At the same time, you need to give them enough information so they come away with a good impression and so they will be motivated to want more detailed information. So in addition to explaining some stats and information, we decided to show a day-in-the-life of the NFSI's database system. The system I mentioned earlier as being a critical component of the NFSI's work.

The end result was a presentation that clearly demonstrated what the NFSI does. The presentation also showed the potential the organisation has to be at the center of food safety management in Asia-Pacific. Plus, it was nice to let their staff show off a little bit, too.

Below are the presentation slides. The staff intro video is just below the slides.

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My video shooting secrets revealed

My friend Craig Hadden over at RemotePossibilities (lots of 'i's in possibilities, aren't there??) asked about how I shoot my videos. Instead of just replying in the comments where not many people would see it, I've decided to reveal my secrets here. I've learned a lot about videos over the last 4 years and I'm still learning so I'm happy to share some things that work for me. The following will also work for anyone else but you do need to play around and find what works best for you, especially when it comes to style.

Anyway, here's my reply to Craig...

Scripts & Transcribing

Yes, I script everything beforehand. I found that when I used to do it without a script, the entire process was unorganised. Although I knew what I wanted to say and had that prepared, it wasn't as polished.

I used to have the videos transcribed afterwards, but found that unreliable and way more time consuming. So I went to writing everything out beforehand.

And when I say everything, I mean everything. None of what's been said in my videos from the last several months hasn't been scripted.

Teleprompter or Autocue, as they say in the Queen's English

I've used my iPhone as an autocue, or teleprompter as we North Americans call it, and I've also tried some of the DIY autocue devices. The recent James Bond video was shot using my iPad placed under my camera on a tripod as the autocue and a CD case placed at a 45 degree angle over my camera lens.

I then covered my camera with black card to block out light that would reflect and make it difficult to see the iPad's reflection in the CD case. Then I turned on my teleprompter app, started the camera, waited for it to focus, and away I went. You can search online for DIY teleprompters. I used the following as inspiration for my setup:

Cheap and Easy Teleprompter for Videobloggers

FilmTaped : 5 Dollar Portable Teleprompter

Getting the Two Camera Effect

Most times, I will shoot the video twice; once from further away and once up close. Then I edit them together to create the two camera effect. I could only do this with a script. It's also the technique used by the TV and movie pros, as they always shoot the same scenes multiple times. For the Bond video, I only shot the video once. Luckily, my camcorder shoots in high quality HD so it's easy to zoom in during editing without losing any picture quality.

Video Pacing & Colour Correction

I actually cut out parts where I've taken super-long breaths just to keep the pace of the video somewhat high. I've done some basic colour correction to give the videos a nicer look, rather than just using the video straight from the camera. Just doing simple colour correction will help make videos look immensely better.


Sound is critical. Most important, in fact. I always record my audio separately to get the best sound. My camcorder (an old Canon HF10) doesn't have great audio input hardware. Even connecting a mic directly to the camcorder doesn't work well. So I use a Zoom H1 and connect an Edutige ETM-006 lavaliere/lapel mic to it. I've also used my iPhone and an Edutige EIM-003 with great success, too.

Background Music

All the background music in my videos recently have been ME! I was tired of searching for music so decided to use GarageBand on my iPad to create the music, instead. I've loved the results and have so much fun making the music. It only takes about 10 minutes to make a piece and it's something unique and something I don't have to worry about copyright or anything.

Hope that helps! Can't wait to see your videos!

Mariachis with Seoul

Seoul has become much more international in the time I've been here. One prime example is the growing popularity of Mexican food with places like "On the Border." But something I was pleasantly surprised to see was a mariachi band playing in front of curious but excited locals and non-locals alike.

Alive with the sound of music

Can't believe I just referenced that movie, but have never even watched it all the way through. Anyway...I was coming out of Euljiro 1-Ga subway station in downtown Seoul, heading to the presentations and communications program I run at the Bank of Korea, when my ears were pleasantly greeted by the fun, lively sounds of mariachi music. These guys filled that station area with such life and vibrancy that I couldn't help but pull out my trusty Kodak Zi8 and shoot some video, which is posted below.

After the song I videoed, the organizer/manager, asked about the mic I was using. I was also testing out the Edutige EIM-004 for an Edutige product demo video. Anyway, after a quick chat I donated a bit of money but really wanted to buy one of their CDs to enjoy at home, etc. But since I don't have a CD player, I didn't buy their CD.

Opportunity opens a door

One thing about making promo-videos is that I truly believe a great video can make a big difference for a business. So I decided to edit and send the video posted below to the mariachi manager as a way of saying thanks for putting a smile on my face. I really did love the music and wanted to do something for them since I didn't buy their CD. I guess I could still do that, huh?

The video

If you like these guys, make sure you go check them out around Seoul and book them... or buy their CD :)


Edutige Promo-Video

Edutige is a client I met after I did a video review of one of their products. A year and over 33,000 YouTube views later (yes, I know it's not Gangnam Style numbers) we got in touch with each other. We are currently working on setting up a global website to sell their line of high quality iPhone microphones and this is the promo video I made for them. The story and concept were my idea, along with the voiceover and editing, but it was Sven Mahr who did the brilliant illustration and animation.

The great news is Edutige has seen an increase in sales since posting the video on their German site and Facebook page. Yay!