short videos for marketing

Why Short Videos - Political Leadership Campaign Example

Using videos for marketing your business is a no brainer. And short videos, in particular, are a great way to deliver your message, as long as you stay focused and on point.

For example, I recently produced a series of four videos for Canadian federal MP Michael Chong and his bid to win the leadership of Canada’s Progressive Conservative Party. All the videos are under 30 seconds and focused on one topic.

Short videos are a great way to produce more content that can be published consistently.

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Why Your Videos Don’t Need Speaking

One of the big reasons I think more businesses don’t use video is because they’re worried about who’s going to speak in the video. And that’s a totally legitimate concern because that face and/or voice represents the company.

Your customers will identify with that person with your business, for better or for worse.

But that’s not really an issue if you use videos with text overlaid onto them.

Using text based videos means you don’t need someone speaking, but it also saves production time and cost so you can make more videos.

On top of that, when you post your videos on Facebook or Instagram, you’re guaranteed that people will know what the video is about even though the sound will be off by default. Pretty cool.

So before you throw your hands up in despair over so-called obstacles to using video in your business, have a look at text based videos. They might just be the solution you’re looking for.

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