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Video Content Marketing for Edutige: How a Video Series Helps Customers

One way to create video content is by producing a series of videos about a particular topic. In this case, I’ve made three videos covering different microphones that can be connected to an iPhone using the Apple Lightning to headphone adapter cable. The purpose was to reassure people that their microphones can work with the iPhone 7’s Lightning port; in other words, it was a way to reduce the fear and anxiety of the unknown. Video content marketing is first and foremost about educating your customers or clients, helping them get over any fears or apprehensions they may have about doing business with you, or seeking you out to help them. Yes, videos can be used to build your brand but that’s only scratching the surface because those videos don’t always demonstrate the real value your business provides. At least that’s the way I see it.

What about you? How could video content marketing be used in your industry?

The post from Edutige is here: The EIM-001 microphone for iPhone or iPad is great for vlogging, birding or recording audio. But what if you have an iPhone 7 and need to use the Lightning to headphone adapter? Will you still be able to use an external microphone like the EIM-001? Well, yes, you can. And it works really well.

The only issue I find with the Lightning to headphone adapter cable when using a microphone like the EIM-001, is that the cable is flopping around. This wasn’t an issue with previous generation iPhones because we could plug the external microphone directly into the iPhone headphone jack.

Anyway, it is what it is, right? If you want to connect an external microphone to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, then you need to use the Lightning to headphone adapter cable. The great thing is that it works perfectly with our Edutige microphones.

Let me know if you have any questions about what microphone to choose for your device or situation.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - GoPro Microphones for Driving

When working on video content marketing for Edutige, I’m always trying to demonstrate the microphones in situations that our customers would encounter. One prime example is people recording themselves with their GoPro while driving. Some of these people are racing their cars, but others are vlogging while driving. So in this week’s video content marketing for Edutige, I demonstrate the three external microphones we recommend for GoPro users who want to record themselves driving. The purpose is to let customers hear for themselves what they would get, and to help them make the choice that’s right for them.

I’m all about educating consumers. You really can’t go wrong by teaching your customers and clients about how to use your products or services, ways they can do what they want to do better, or like in this video, to be able to compare products.

So if you want to have better customers, who trust you and want to buy from you, educate them… with video, ideally.

Here’s the original post for Edutige, which can be found at

In this video you’ll hear the Edutige ETM-001, ETM-006 and ETM-008 connected to a GoPro Hero4 Black to find out which is the best external GoPro microphone for driving videos.

Let me know if you have any questions about which mic to choose or which one you thought was best.

Video Content Marketing: Why Get Videos From Me vs An Agency [VIDEO]

Having options for services is a good thing for business owners, but making a choice can sometimes be hard because of the variety of options out there. Video content marketing is challenging enough, and when you need to find someone to create those marketing videos for your business, the choice can be difficult. That’s why I wanted to share four advantages of getting videos from a solopreneur like me vs a big agency.

#1 - It’s a Personal Relationship

We like working with people we know, like and trust and to me, that means having a personal relationship with the person providing the services. Since I handle every aspect of the video production process, it lets me take care of you and your business needs in a much more personal way. And I prefer that. Hopefully, you do, too.

#2 - Single Point of Contact

One of the worst things about dealing with companies these days is having to go through layers and layers of people to get help or answers. And so I make it easy to work with me by being the single point of contact for your video project.

What all that means is you can depend on me to be there to talk to when you need it. And it also means any changes or revisions can be done much quicker, saving time and money. Speaking of which…

#3 - Saves You Money

Because I work from home and don’t have to pay rent, employees, transportation, etc, those savings are passed on to you. So not only do you get the knowledge and experience I bring to your video marketing project, but you also save money by working with me, too. But if that doesn’t matter to you, please let me know so I can jack up my prices when working with you 😃

#4 - I “Get” Who You Are

My favourite clients are people that have dreams of something better for themselves, their family, the planet… and they are doing the best they can with all the other stuff going on in their lives and all the other commitments they have. In other words, people like me.

That’s what I mean when I say I “get” you. It’s because I’m doing what I do for the same reasons you are doing what you do. And helping you be successful is not only rewarding for me, but it also helps me reach my goals, too.

So I hope you have a better understanding of what it means to work with me versus a big agency. I’m not bashing agencies by any means. I’m just saying that with all the choices you have, it might be good to know that there’s someone like me who is on your side.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about your experiences dealing with individuals or agencies. Or share your stories of dealing with customers or clients because I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.


How to Start a Presentation - Mistakes to Avoid [VIDEO]

In this video you will learn about how to start a presentation, but rather than what you should do, you will learn about three mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Being a Title Teller

Most likely when you give your presentation, the title of your presentation will somehow be announced to your audience. If that is the case, there is no need for you to repeat it.

Many times, I hear people saying, “As you can see, my presentation topic is…” AHHHHHHH!

It’s a waste of time and just isn’t cool. So skip reading your title and just get it on!

It would only be necessary to tell people your presentation title if they for sure don’t know what it is.

Mistake #2: Giving a Laser Show

I hate laser pointers when they are used in a presentation. Period.

They are like a rock that ties the speaker down and doesn’t let him/her move around.

But worst of all, people tend to wave them around… creating a laser show!!!

Your presentation is NOT a laser show so put the thing away.

Mistake #3: Making Excuses

Finally, never make excuses for something that is missing, not working, too long, too short, too fast, too slow, your English ability, the cold you have… whatever it may be, DON’T make excuses.

Your audience will think you are unprepared, which can lead to some undesirable consequences, especially if your presentation is for a business proposal, a major school project or a job you’re trying to land.

Make sure you are well prepared so you can continue no matter what happens.

Hope you now have a good understanding of the mistakes to avoid when starting a presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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Video Content Marketing - Edutige EIM-001 vs iPhone Built In Mic

Here's the latest video for Edutige, which is a test of the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone 6's built in microphone. This is simulating what someone who is vlogging with an iPhone might be doing. These tests are important to help customers learn more about the products and they help customers buy with confidence. Here's the description I wrote for the test... If you are vlogging with an iPhone, in this video you’ll see a test comparing the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone’s built in microphone. The Edutige EIM-001 is a high gain microphone that boosts the input volume of your iPhone’s audio during video recording… and for audio, too. If you want to know how to improve your iPhone’s audio quality, then check out this video and check out the microphone, too.


Video Marketing for Edutige: Why the iPhone Microphone Sucks

Every week I make a video for Edutige microphones about a different topic related to their products. And in this video, you will see how I quickly demonstrate what the microphone can do so that customers are able to easily understand why they should get the Edutige microphone. These types of quick videos are very effective and relatively simple to make. so be sure to add this type of video content to your video marketing arsenal.

The key to making videos when it comes to video content marketing has very little to do with camera equipment and anything technical. The main thing is a clear understanding of why your video is being made, as in what is the goal that the video should accomplish. And on top of all that, you should be very clear about the problem or situation you are solving, or value that you are providing to your customers or clients.

Below is the YouTube description that I used for this video, which is something you can use to help when you are writing your YouTube descriptions.

In this video you will hear a test of the iPhone's built-in microphone versus the Edutige EIM-001 external microphone. Honestly, I don't know why the iPhone microphone sucks. But what I do know is that the Edutige EIM-001 microphone makes a huge difference in audio quality compared to the iPhone's built-in microphone. This is especially important if you are vlogging with your iPhone. You need a good audio. Just have a listen and see for yourself the difference.

One thing I should mention is that the audio in the video has not been post processed, meaning it is straight out of the iPhone. Or as I like to call it OOiA, “out of iPhone audio."

So if you are making videos with your iPhone and you want something small, powerful and discreet, then definitely check out Edutige EIM-001 microphone.

Presentation Skills - What to do with little time but lots to cover in your presentation [VIDEO]

In this video you will learn what to do if you have a short amount of time to give a presentation and have a lot of information that you want to include. One of the most common problems when it comes to preparing a presentation is choosing what content to include and what to… GASP… leave out! You can't imagine how many times I have heard the question, "I have a lot of things to say in my presentation but I only have a short amount of time. What should I do?" Usually this question is asked in a bit of a panic together with stress because the person doesn't know what information from their topic is most important for their presentation. So here is what to do...

Choose based on importance to audience

Your presentation content may all be important to you, but it is not all important to your particular audience. So, the first thing you must do when choosing what presentation content to include is to know what what information or content would be most important for your audience to know. This means understanding who your audience is and looking at your presentation from their perspective.

The danger of including all the information in your presentation

The second thing to understand is that talking about many topics in your presentation in a short amount of time is actually a bad thing. The reason is because you will likely have to rush through, for example, five or six topics and not really go into detail about each one. The result is your audience will not get enough information, and may also feel like they don't know what just happened in your presentation.

Less is more

So what you should do is think about the one or two, or possibly three things, that are most critical to your audience's understanding of the topic. Then what you can do is speak in more detail about each of those things. If you can only talk about one thing, that would be ideal, because you will have plenty of time to go more deeply into that topic.

What will happen

The result of talking in more detail about fewer topics in your presentation, and topics that your audience is genuinely interested in, is that your presentation will be much more engaging and interesting and memorable for your audience. And that is the reason why talking about less topics in your presentation is more beneficial than trying to cover everything when you only have a short period of time to give your presentation. Hopefully that helps you. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Product information [VIDEO]

This video for Edutige Microphones came about because customers were having trouble deciding which microphone to buy. We have two distinct choices and I wanted to show our customers that they could have the best of both worlds. This is a great way to use video to educate customers and show them how to get value for their money. Check out the video and read the accompanying post to learn more about how I did this...

In this video you’ll get some tips on choosing the right external microphone for your GoPro. Two of our most popular microphones for GoPro are the Edutige ETM-001 and ETM-008. We sell them both as bundles that include the microphone adapter cable for GoPro, a furry windscreen and the microphone. One mic is omnidirectional and the other is unidirectional. There’s a cool way to get the best of both worlds, so check out the video to learn more, or skip down and read about it.

Omnidirectional or Unidirectional

When choosing an external microphone for your GoPro, you’ll need to decide if you need an omnidirectional microphone like the ETM-001 or a unidirectional microphone like the ETM-008. In most cases, the ETM-001 will do the trick and is usually the microphone we recommend you start out with. BUT...

When you have background noise

You’re going to want to look at the ETM-008 as an external mic for your GoPro if you will be recording and want to focus your recording on a single sound source. And you have to be ok with having the ETM-008 12 inches or less from your subject because the ETM-008 works best up close.

For example, if you are vlogging, interviewing someone or making a marketing video and the surroundings aren’t quiet enough, then the ETM-008 used as a lavalier mic for your GoPro will work perfectly.

On the other hand

If you want to record from a distance or if having some ambient sound is ok, and if you need a boost in recording volume, then the ETM-001 is the mic for you.

A cool tip to get the best of both worlds

Let’s say you can’t decide which external microphone to get for your GoPro… Sometimes you need the ETM-008 and other times you need the ETM-001. Well, a great way to get both and save some money is to get the Action Bundle 2 with the ETM-008 and pick up the ETM-001 separately.

You’ll not only save some money, but the ETM-001 will work with the ETM-008’s cable and the EWS-004 furry windscreen will fit the ETM-001, too! Win-win!

So if you need to get an external microphone for your GoPro… and who doesn’t because the GoPro’s internal mic is less than stellar, then have a look at the Action Bundles.

If you still can’t decide, please get in touch or leave your question below and I’ll do my best to help you choose.


Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Product Comparison Video

The following video and post was made for Edutige Microphones. It’s a good example of how video content marketing has been used to compare Edutige microphones with the iPhone 6’s built in microphone for recording bird sounds. This test was actually done by a customer and I created a video from her video! The post is also a good example of using text to complement the video. Here’s the full post and video... If you are birding with your iPhone, then you have probably considered getting an external microphone to record bird sounds with your iPhone. You have probably noticed that the built in microphone of your iPhone cannot capture bird sounds at a distance. In this video you will hear a test of recording bird sounds using the the internal microphone of the iPhone 6 versus the Edutige EIM-001. This test was conducted by Jenna Curtis, a researcher from the University of Oregon, who went to Panama to record Bird sounds and needed a compact, yet powerful microphone to record bird sounds using her iPhone 6.

Big thanks to Jenna for the following video...

Jenna’s original video is here:

The results

Although I am not a birding expert, the recordings that Jenna made of the birds using her iPhone versus the external EIM-001 are strikingly different. With the iPhone's built-in microphone, the bird sounds were much more faint; however, using the EIM-001 allowed the iPhone to record the bird sounds much more clearly and it also captured other bird sounds, as well. Or at least I think those were birds.

Jenna said...

"The EIM-001 definitely increased the range and volume of my iPhone recordings. It was also able to pick up a wider range of frequencies than the iPhone could on its own."

But why the EIM-001 and not the EIM-003?

Many people have asked whether they should buy the EIM-001 or the EIM-003 for recording the bird sounds with there iPhone. And the answer is it depends on what you are hoping to achieve.

If you would like I'll much louder recording, which may be useful if the birds are further away, then the EIM-001 would be a good choice.

If your recordings require the best audio quality, then I would suggest the EIM-003, as it was made for recording music. What that means is the EIM-003 offers better audio quality but at the expense of not increasing the recording volume.

This is also something that Jenna mentioned in her review of the EIM-001 microphone...

"I would agree with Edutige’s recommendation that, for high-quality and high sound fidelity, the EIM-003 might be a better choice. However, if you need to increase the volume of your recordings, to catch sounds that might be high/low frequency or very far away, the EIM-001 is a solid microphone at an unbeatable price."

What are your thoughts?

Have a listen to the Bird sounds recorded with the iPhones built-in microphone versus the external EIM-001 microphone and let me know your thoughts. Also let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and thanks again to Jenna for the awesome video!

Video Content Marketing Example - Comparing Similar Products [VIDEO]

I'm going to talk more about this topic at a later date, but I wanted to post the video and accompanying YouTube description for your reference. The video content marketing part of this is that you can use videos to quickly educate your customers about how similar products are different. This will help customers make an easier buying decision and build more trust for you and your business. Check out the video and have a look at the description/post that follows.

In this video you'll learn the difference between the Edutige EWS-003 and EWS-004 furry windscreens. These windscreens come in the external microphone Action Bundles for GoPro action cams to help reduce wind noise, but you may not know the difference between the two. Hopefully, this will help you decide which one is right for you.

The stuff that's the same

Both the EWS-003 and EWS-004 are effective at reducing wind noise, and are especially good for anyone using a GoPro. GoPros are notoriously bad when it comes to wind noise so if you're filming with your Hero3, Hero3+ or Hero4 and your tired of hearing more wind noise than people talking or the action you're trying to capture, it's time to get either an EWS-003 or EWS-004.

They're both hand made

Yep, the EWS-003 and EWS-004 are carefully assembled by hand in our head office in South Korea. The fur is synthetic and the windscreens are acoustically transparent, meaning audio volume and quality are maintained.

The stuff that's different

This is actually pretty easy... The EWS-003 is smaller and works with all Edutige microphones, except the ETM-008 and EIM-008. Those two microphones are bigger is why.

So that's why we have the EWS-004, because, you guessed it, the EWS-004 is bigger and works with the ETM-008 or EIM-008.

A cool thing about the EWS-004

I probably shouldn't tell you this but since the EWS-004 is bigger, it fits ALL Edutige microphones. That means you could just get one EWS-004 and you'll be covered (pun intended) no matter what microphones you have. Of course, nothing is stopping you from getting both the EWS-003 and EWS-004 so you don't have to swap windscreens :)

Hope that answers the differences between the EWS-003 and EWS-004.

Let me know if you have any questions.