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Video Content Marketing - How Little Details Add Life to an Explainer Video

When you get a video made, it can be hard to know whether or not the video will be of good quality for whether or not the person making the video is professional. One way you can tell is by looking at one of the little details that can add life to an explainer video. Check out the video to learn about what this little detail is so you will know what to look for when hiring somebody to make and explain a video for your business.

Case Study - Using Video Content Marketing To Create Educated Customers

Video Content Marketing Educates Consumers The video below is a continuation of the content marketing strategy we are using for Edutige Microphones. The goal is to use video content to help Edutige customers make an informed buying decision.

Edutige offers a range of external microphone products but needed a way to explain compatibility with cameras, and what each microphone does.

Having this type of information available can help customers save time and energy because they won't have to scour the internet looking for answers or ideas on how to use the microphones.

Major Misconception About Video Marketing

When it comes to video, one of the biggest misconceptions is that a client only needs one video, preferably a viral video. The truth is that nobody has a formula for making a viral video.

We don't have direct control over whether a video goes viral or not. And even if a video goes viral, it doesn't necessarily mean an increase in sales.

But what we can control is the type and amount of content we create and release. Creating videos, as in more than one, that educate, inform, build trust and brand awareness is my preferred strategy.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality does count. Five great videos are far better than 50 mediocre videos. This can be helpful for small businesses with limited budgets.

If you happen to be a small business, and your competition isn't using video, or they aren't using it well, quality video can really help yourself stand out from the crowd.

What Does Quality Video Mean?

Does quality mean slick, high end productions, big crews showing up and a famous celebrity pitching your product or service? Maybe. But it doesn't.

Understanding your target market, delivering relevant information, having a good product/service, providing good customer support are equally, it not more, important.

Your video only needs to be well lit, have a good audio and be set in an appropriate location.

The most important part is what you're going talk about in the video. Sometimes, you don't even need to talk.

Edutige Needs Video... And You?

For Edutige, we have been using video as the primary form of content marketing because that is a medium that customers prefer. Words and pictures are great, but video reigns supreme.

To get started with content marketing using video, or to improve what you're currently doing, get in touch with me here.