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Logical Promotions Explainer Video

Here is the animated explainer video for Logical Promotions. This video was entered into Brandathon and you can read all about what that was all about on Logical Promotions’ website:

As for my part in it, as I mentioned in my other post, I only did the animation. The script and voiceover were already done and they only needed my help with bringing the video to life.

Here’s what John Reiner, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience, had to say about working with me:

"We started with PowToons thinking we could DIY and be done in a few hours. We soon discovered that we were making a crappy cartoon that did not have the look, feel, or tone we wanted. Enter Carl Kwan – our newly found PowToon expert. We had a brief talk with Carl about our hopes and dreams for the animation, and then we laid out the constraints: 1 week to final submission and a fixed budget. He laughed and then accepted out challenge. Within a week he was able to bring our video to life. He even gave us some directing tips for the last segment. We think he crushed it."

Need a video? Let’s talk.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Showing How Your Product Solves a Specific Problem

In this week’s video content marketing post for Edutige, we are focusing on a product that solves a very specific issue for people who shoot videos or record audio with their iPhone… background noise. So this video demonstrates how the Edutige EIM-008 does that particular job, compared to how the iPhone’s built in microphone handles background noise. For your business, think about specific issues your customers have and make videos that address those issues. It’s probably a lot easier than you realize. The main thing is getting it done. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, if you don’t, your competition likely will.

With video, it’s always best to be first because then everyone else will simply look like they are copying you, even if they have no knowledge of your videos. So get cracking on those videos!

Here’s the original post on Edutige’s YouTube channel and website:

If you use an iPhone to record audio or videos and want to know how to reduce background noise, then check out this video. You’ll hear how the Edutige EIM-008 unidirectional microphone works to reduce and reject background noise. In this case, a chainsaw!

Video Content Marketing - Time Saving Technique to Produce Videos

If you find it challenging to produce marketing videos for your business on a regular basis, then consider batch recording your videos. What you do is prepare 5-10 ideas or topics you want to talk about and film all of the videos in one sitting. Not only will this save time, but it helps you get into a groove when making the videos. You may find yourself thinking about new ideas, easily referencing what you said in another video and maybe, wanting to do more! Batch recording your videos can allow you to outsource the editing, schedule all the videos to be posted and let you get on with other parts of your business. Video content marketing doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you use a time saving technique like batch recording. Good luck!

Why the Script is the Most Critical Part of a Video

When you get a video made, you might be thinking about the end result: What the video looks like and what you want the video to do for your business. But before we can get you there, the most critical part of a video, especially an explainer video, is the script. In the video, you’ll hear about why the script is the most important part of a video...

Quick notes on why the script is the most critical part of a video:

  1. Revising a script after the voiceover and/or animation has been done requires re-recording the voiceover and redoing the animation to fit the script. This adds time, will cost you more and delays the project.

  2. The script determines how the voiceover will be performed, which affects the timing of the animation. Adding or subtracting something from the script directly impacts the overall timing of the video, so the script needs to be 100% finalized before proceeding with the project.

  3. The script affects how the storyboard will be drawn. I draw up a storyboard of rough sketches based on the script to help with the animation. If the script is changed, then the storyboard needs to be changed. And that again, affects the voiceover and overall video.

Why approvals are so important when working with me

Approvals at each stage in the video production process get your video done efficiently and on time. When clients work with me, there is often nothing, or something very minor, that needs revising once the video has been completed.

I know the importance of having the video get to work for your business, so the video production process I have in place ensures you get the right video when you need it.


Video Content Marketing - How Dentists Can Use Video Marketing [VIDEO]

If you have a dental clinic and you are thinking about using video marketing, or you have tried video marketing for your dental clinic, the tips in this video should help you produce good quality videos with valuable content. Actually, this video was inspired by my son’s dental clinic, Central Park Dental in Burnaby, BC, after I saw that they had made a few videos for their website. Videos can be a powerful tool to help market your dental clinic, but it’s also something that’s easy to screw up. Watch the video to learn more.

And be sure to watch the video I mention about the top 4 video production mistakes people make when producing their own marketing videos.

Video Content Marketing - Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid [VIDEO]

In this video you will learn four tips for better marketing videos. When it comes to video content marketing, there are many businesses that will try to make their own videos but the problem is the quality of the videos is so poor that it would be better not to have made the videos. So I'm going to go over four tips that will significantly improve the quality of your videos.

Why this is important to your business

Having good quality videos will make your business appear more professional and credible. Your customers or clients may also consciously or unconsciously judge the quality of your product or service based on the quality of your videos. Lower quality videos could be a sign of poor quality in other areas of your business, product or service.

So you definitely want to avoid making anything that will hurt, rather than help your business. It just makes sense, doesn't it?

That being said, here are the top four video production mistakes to avoid for better marketing videos if you are making the videos on your own.

#1 Audio

Video Content Marketing - Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid Bad AudioThe single biggest mistake that people make when they first begin making marketing videos is using the built-in microphone of what ever camera they are using. The problem is that camera microphones are on the camera, and therefore, are usually too far away from the person speaking. So the audio quality turns out very poorly.

Viewers will forgive lower quality video but poor audio turns them off every single time. So be sure to invest in a good quality microphone. My recommendation is to always use a lavalier or lapel style microphone for best audio quality.

#2 Composition & Framing

Video Content Marketing - Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid 1The second biggest mistake when making marketing videos is incorrectly framing or composing the person on camera by having the person way too low in the shot. This simply looks weird and unprofessional. For a better idea of what proper framing and composition should look like, watch your evening news or any talk show.

#3 Back Lighting

Video Content Marketing - Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid 3The third mistake is filming your subject against a background that is significantly brighter than the foreground.

An example of this is having somebody stand with their back towards a window and it's daytime or very bright outside. Unless you use powerful lights to light the person, he or she will appear dark and most likely orange. And that is not good.

#4 Too Close to Background

Video Content Marketing - Top 4 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid 4The fourth and final video production mistake that business owners tend to make when making their own marketing videos is placing the person, usually the business owner, too close to the background, which is usually a wall. This causes the person to appear very flat and almost blending in with the wall. Be sure to stands at least 4-5 feet away from your background to create some separation and depth, which will look much more professional.


The absolute biggest mistake would be to put all four of those mistakes I just mentioned into one single video. And believe me when I say that I have seen that more than once.

Hopefully you found that helpful because the last thing you want to do when it comes to creating your own video marketing content, is to end up hurting your business with your videos, rather than helping.

Video Content Marketing - Using Videos to Answer Customer Questions [VIDEO]

Video content marketing can be used to answer or address customer questions and concerns about your product or service. This week, I received a comment from someone on YouTube about one of the microphone test videos I made for Edutige, and I thought it was a great opportunity to show how video can be used to not only address questions and concerns, but to also demonstrate authenticity and interest in customer concerns. This can also help other people who may have the same questions/opinions.


A person on YouTube said that a test I had done was flawed, that the microphones needed to be at the same distance to the subject to better gauge performance. I agreed and pointed out a few other tests I had done that fit his test criteria. But I wanted to do another test to demonstrate the Edutige microphone’s effectiveness compared to the GoPro’s built in microphone because I thought it was a great way to address the question and create content. So challenges/questions from customers can be a great source of inspiration for content marketing purposes.

Shows authenticity

Another positive outcome of this type of video content marketing is that it demonstrates your authenticity because you’re willing to openly address customer concerns as they happen, and it shows that your company is accessible. Having your business exist behind a walled garden just doesn’t work in this day and age, and your marketing efforts should reflect this openness and authenticity.

Video content marketing builds trust

On top of showing authenticity, doing a comparison video like the one I did is a great way to build trust with your audience. They trust that your product works as it should, and they learn to trust you, as well. However, you can’t do this with one video. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, you can’t expect to make one video and be done, thinking that’s all it will take to get people to buy from you. Video content marketing can build trust but it requires a dedicated amount of effort over time to make it work in favour of your business.

Is it worth it?

Although the immediate ROI of video content marketing may seem low, you need to look at a couple of different measures. One is lifetime value of your customers, the second is that videos are a long term investment, and third, you can’t buy the type of trust you can earn through videos. This last point is especially true if you offer a service.

I don’t want to deep dive too much into whether videos are worth it, but most of the research on consumer buying behaviour points to video being highly influential. So maybe it’s a matter of doing it now to get ahead of your competition or trying to play catch up later. Your choice.