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Video Marketing Microphone Test: COMICA CVM-30 LITE vs CVM-10 II vs Edutige ETM-006

Video Marketing Microphone Test: COMICA CVM-30 LITE vs CVM-10 II vs Edutige ETM-006

If you're a business owner doing some video marketing, then you need to have good audio for your videos. When your videos sound bad, they are hard to watch, which means you'll lose an opportunity to attract a new customer. That would suck. So don't let your audio suck.

Wills & Estate Planning Video for Lynk Law

Lynk Law provides wills and estate planning services in California and wanted a video to help promote their services in a friendly, engaging way.

Animated videos are great for describing services in an easy to watch, fun way. Animated videos also tend to have a longer shelf life because they’re unaffected by employee turnover, changes to your office or hairstyles and fashion.

Contact me to learn how to get an animated explainer video for your business.

Video for Hinesly Orthodontics

Helping consumers understand what you do and how you’re different are the main benefits of using video in your marketing. But videos are also highly effective for demonstrating your values and brand image.

Animated videos, such as this one for Hinesly Orthodontics in Michigan, are great for describing services in an easy to watch, fun way.

Contact me to learn how to get an animated explainer video for your business.

Video Marketing - Why You Shouldn't Make Videos?

With the rising popularity and need for video to support marketing efforts, business owners are facing a dilemma of whether they should make the videos themselves or hire a videographer. I say, don’t do either and I explain why in this week’s video.

Video Content Marketing - Why Businesses Are Not Using Video

Why aren’t all businesses using video marketing? A number of reasons…some of which are sorta legit. But mostly, there’s apprehension and fear over the idea of making videos. Business owners know that video is a powerful marketing tool, but they wrongly assume that it is out-of-reach or they have no idea where to start. So in this video, you’ll learn about why businesses are not using video and you’ll also learn 3 steps you can take to start using video marketing for your business.

Presentation Expression - Using a Story to Start a Presentation [VIDEO]

In this video you will learn a presentation expression that will show you how to start your presentation with a story, and you will also learn a second expression to show you how to transition from your presentation story to your presentation. It’s a jam packed video! But hopefully, you learn how to start your presentation with a story and try it in your next presentation.

Why a story?

Starting a presentation with a story is a great way to engage your audience. Learning how to get your audience’s attention and engaging them is usually a hard thing to do. Telling a story at the start of your presentation gets the audience’s attention as they may not realise it’s a part of your presentation. They think it is just “story time" so they pay attention to you! Nice, huh?

Who is this for?

This presentation expression is great for any presentation, especially if you are in school or for business, too. School presentations tend to be the same… Well, for that matter, so are most business presentations. The point is if you need to give a presentation and you want to start your presentation well and get your audience’s attention, then you should learn how to start your presentation with story.

What is the expression to start the presentation?

This is actually a pretty simple and well known English expression that is used when we want to explain something before talking about our main point. What we say is, “Before I get started, let me tell you about…,” or we can say, “Before I get started, I want to tell you about…,”

Your audience will know that you have something you want to talk about without realising it is actually a part of your presentation. Sneaky and effective!

How to transition back to the presentation

Once you have finished your story, you need to connect what your story was about with your presentation. It’s important that you planned and prepared your story to match your presentation topic or content, or else this won’t work!

Anyway, what you say after your story is, “And that’s when I realised…,"

“And that’s when I realised…,” is something you say when you discover something, so your presentation topic must be about something you discovered or realised.

How to use it

Here is the example from the video… If my presentation topic is about motivation, then I could say:

“Before I get started, I want to talk about how much my son enjoys playing with dominoes (he really does!). He can spend all day playing with his dominoes, lining them up and knocking them down, making all kinds of designs… all day long because he loves it so much."

Then I transition by saying, “And that’s when I realised that motivation is related to playfulness and passion."

Pretty cool, right!?

So I hope you now have an understanding of how to use a story to start a presentation. This can be for a school or work presentation. It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is preparing your story and figuring out how to connect your story with your presentation topic or content.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Using Video Content Marketing to Demo Products and Build Brand Awareness

Video content marketing is not just a passing fad. It's here to stay because technology has made it so easy for consumers to watch online video. These videos for Edutige that I've been working on for the last few years have helped tremendously. Customers see what the products can do directly from the manufacturer, which is pretty uncommon. But they also get a sense of what the brand is about. The great thing is they were all produced with technology available to almost any business owner... iPhones, mirrorless and DSLR cameras, pocket camcorders and GoPros.

This combination of technology and control over production is great news for business owners, especially small business owners, because the barriers to entry to produce videos are now so low. But the biggest challenges for any small business are time, knowledge and resources.

That's where I can help. I specialize in using video for content marketing to help organizations get their message out, build their brand and promote their products and services.

Get in touch with me at and let's talk about how I can help you and your business with video content marketing.

Video Marketing: Edutige ETM-008 with iPhone 5 Test

Here is the latest video I made for Edutige in a continuing series of marketing videos. I'm continually amazed at the impact these videos have. In fact, it was the first video I made for Edutige almost 3 years ago that really put the company in the spotlight.

Until that video came out, only a few people like myself had heard about this mysterious microphone from South Korea that was supposed to be so awesome.

One of the things that makes this type of product demo video work is that the product speaks for itself. The Edutige microphones basically do all the work for me. The only challenge is presenting them in a way that helps people understand the potential uses for the microphone.

And that's where your own video content marketing strategy should focus on, too. Show people what the possibilities are to help create an emotional connection with your product. Not always easy because we tend to default into listing features and benefits, but well worth your time if you want to truly stand out from the competition.

Get in touch so we can talk about a video marketing strategy for your company, product or service.

How Presentation Skills Help You Be More Successful

This is an introduction video for how presentation skills are essential to your success. I share my own story about discovering the power of presentations and hope that you will want to improve or develop your presentation skills, too.

My videos are dedicated to helping you improve your presentations skills. You'll also see samples of my promo-video work because promoting your products and services in a video is directly related to presentation techniques and concepts.

If you're ready to take the next step and work with me, here are the things I can help you with...

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