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Video Content Marketing - Tips for Creating Content Your Audience Cares About [VIDEO]

In this week’s video for Edutige’s video marketing, it’s a test of the Edutige Action Bundle for GoPro to record live jazz. This video happened quite randomly, to be honest. I was out with my family for a picnic down at the seawall and the art studio behind us was hosting a live jazz concert. I usually have my GoPro and microphone handy, so I quickly shot some video about a topic that I know the Edutige and GoPro audience are interested in… recording live music with a GoPro.

Keep your audience in mind

There are always opportunities to create video marketing content, as long as you’re well aware of who your audience is and their needs. It seems very basic, but it’s a mistake I see over and over again when it comes to producing video content.

Keep it short and to the point

Another mistake I often see is making videos that are too long. Cut out fluff by being focused on your audience’s needs. Get to the point and edit without mercy. Cut out anything that doesn’t contribute to your audience’s understanding/knowledge.

Keep a notebook of ideas

I’m always writing down ideas for videos because I’m always coming up with topics I think my audience will like. So I use a Moleskine notebook and jot stuff down. Those notes then go up onto Trello, where I have a content calendar set up so I know what to do next and what I’ve already done.

What about you? What do you do to help you generate content ideas your audience cares about?

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments about this video or video marketing for your business.


Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Using a GoPro to Record Live Jazz

In this week’s video for Edutige, I made a video demonstrating using a GoPro to record live jazz with the Edutige ETM-001 microphone. I’m going to go more in depth about how this video came about, along with some tips for video marketing content that I’ll share tomorrow. In the meantime, just remember that making videos to market your business doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. The most important thing is sharing information that your audience wants to hear in a way that’s easy for them to understand and consume. Basically, the exact reasons why videos are such a powerful marketing tool. The following was first published on on Aug. 2, 2016...

Using a GoPro to Record Live Jazz

There has been a lot of live music in my neighborhood recently, which has given me opportunities to record a live music using my GoPro Hero4 and the Edutige Action Bundle. Here you'll see how the ETM-001 performs with a GoPro to record live jazz.

In this video, I was standing about 6 feet away and the music was coming from inside. My GoPro was inside the skeleton housing so the sides and back of the camera were exposed.

The difference between the built-in microphone and the ETM-001 never ceases to amaze me, and it's why I almost always recommend this particular microphone for anyone with a GoPro who wants to record just about any situation. It's why the GoPro is such a popular camera.

I find myself going out with it more often than in the past and being able to record great audio is a bonus.

Check out the Action Bundle and let me know if you have any questions about using the microphone, or choosing a microphone for your GoPro.

Video Content Marketing for Edutige: ETM-006 vs Rode Videomic Pro [VIDEO]

What's better? Edutige ETM-006 vs Rode Videomic Pro

One thing I really enjoy about making marketing videos for Edutige Microphones is demonstrating how well the microphones work. It’s actually not common practice amongst other microphone companies to show the performance of their mics. I’ve always done it because I believe the products are great, and because there is a lack of information and good testing out on the Internet. And in this particular video, I take an Edutige microphone and pit it against the big daddy in the vlogging and indie filmmaking world: The Rode Videomic Pro.

Doing this kind of a comparison video against your main competition is a great way to answer questions and prove that you believe in the abilities of your products. So don’t be afraid to try this if you’re thinking about what content to create for your video marketing. Check out the post and video below for ideas on how you can do this. And let me know if you have any questions.

The below was originally posted to

The Rode Videomic Pro is an extremely popular microphone that deserves the accolades it receives. The Videomic Pro is used by many vloggers and indy filmmakers. I happen to have one because I wanted to try it on a personal project. But my problem with it as a vlogging microphone is that it’s not exactly discreet. Whenever I’ve brought it anywhere, people usually mention that it looks like a big foam penis. Not cool.

So I decided to see how my favorite Edutige microphone, the ETM-006 vs the Videomic Pro. The ETM-006 is a lavalier microphone so it has the advantage of being closer to the subject than the Videomic Pro, but since most people use the Videomic on top of their camera, I think this is still a fair test of both microphones.

Have a listen with headphones and let me know what you think. I won’t be upset if you choose the Videomic Pro, but for me, I like the ETM-006. The Videomic Pro requires a battery, is much larger and doesn’t do well in echoey spaces, such as in the video. You need the right tool for the job, and for me, the ETM-006 works great for the types of videos I usually make. The other option, if you don’t need a lapel microphone is to try the ETM-001. The mics have the same performance but the ETM-001 doesn’t have a lavalier cable.

The mics were tested on my Canon EOS M, which has the same picture quality as other Canon DSLRs, and the same bad audio, as you’ll hear in the video.

Video Content Marketing: Edutige ETM-001 with GoPro Hero4 Black for Live Music [VIDEO]

This post originally appeared on This video was posted to and was used to demonstrate how a certain microphone performed while recording live music. This video was made because many GoPro users have asked me about using the Edutige microphones for recording live music. So this video was a way for me to create content that answers a pressing question for our customers. This is the power of content marketing, in particular video, because you are able to demonstrate quite clearly how your product works, which makes the buying decision for your customers so much easier. It also helps to reduce the number of questions you may get, which saves time and resources.

This is the original post on and the Edutige YouTube Channel:

We often get people asking how our microphones perform when recording live music. In this video, there was a small band playing down at the mall so I decided to film them and use the footage to demonstrate how well the Edutige ETM-001 works compared to the GoPro’s built-in microphone. One thing I noticed was that the overall volume appeared the same when editing; the main difference was the audio quality. In it’s defence, the GoPro was in the skeleton housing but the difference in quality is still pretty obvious. The ETM-001 was connected to the GoPro using the Edutige EGL-001 mini USB adapter cable. The mic and cable, along with the EWS-003 furry windscreen, come as a specially priced bundle:

Video Content Marketing - How Dentists Can Use Video Marketing [VIDEO]

If you have a dental clinic and you are thinking about using video marketing, or you have tried video marketing for your dental clinic, the tips in this video should help you produce good quality videos with valuable content. Actually, this video was inspired by my son’s dental clinic, Central Park Dental in Burnaby, BC, after I saw that they had made a few videos for their website. Videos can be a powerful tool to help market your dental clinic, but it’s also something that’s easy to screw up. Watch the video to learn more.

And be sure to watch the video I mention about the top 4 video production mistakes people make when producing their own marketing videos.