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How Video Content Marketing Empowers Customers

One of the most powerful things about video is the ability to empower people through learning and inspiring action. I know that personally, I’ve been influenced and have learned from many people and the invaluable content they have created and shared through video. It’s why I so strongly believe in the power of video to empower people, to empower your customers and clients.

A very simple way to use video marketing to empower your customers is to show them better ways to use the tools you provide. Your tool may be a product or a service that your customers only use at a basic level. And that may be more than enough.

But if you can open their eyes to other possibilities, you empower those people to do more, to be better, to enjoy your product or service even more. Powerful stuff.

This week’s video for Edutige is a simple way to empower our customers. Many people use our microphones for recording audio, such as bird songs, but may not know other audio recording apps beyond the iPhone’s built in Voice Memos app.

So to help our customers get better quality audio, the video shows them a comparison between the iOS Voice Memos app and a favourite of mine, Twisted Wave.

Check out the video that comes after my talk about how video content marketing can empower customers and see how simple and easy it can be to use video in this way.

Let me your thoughts and experience about empowering customers, too.


Video Content Marketing Made Easy

Video content marketing made easy. How? Your best resource for content comes from your customers’ questions. When you answer questions, you are helping people overcome objections, move them along the buying cycle and establishing trust. All good things. And all things that can be done with simple, short videos. Check out the example in the video where I talk about our dentist.

Explainer Video for Software Development Company

If your company develops software solutions for a specific industry, you’ll want to check out this explainer video for Vinosoft by SparkDynamics of Switzerland. Vinosoft is software designed specifically to help wine shops run their business. The challenge of producing an explainer video like this is ensuring that you have a good understanding of your target audience, especially their pain points and how your software addresses those points, so that your video can communicate that understanding. The Focus

For the Vinosoft explainer video, we focused on how individual wine shop owners got into the wine business because of their love of wine. But they’ve lost some of that passion because of the overwhelming amount of work required to run their business. And that’s where Vinosoft comes in to help, so we made sure that the video explained what Vinosoft can do and the benefits to the user.

Here's what Andy from SparkDynamic had to say about the Vinosoft explainer video project:

"Our company offers various software solutions for businesses. We asked Carl to produce an explainer video to introduce Vinosoft, which is a wine business management software to our customers. The concern we had was getting our prospects to see that we understood their main issues and had a solution for them.

Fortunately, Carl was able to write a script, record a voiceover and produce a video that clearly delivered our message...and that was also fun and engaging. Not only was Carl able to do this for the English version of our video, but he also produced a German language version, as well.

Carl is an excellent communicator and is very responsive to emails. He makes it extremely easy to work with him and he produces top notch, professional results. I highly recommend Carl and look forward to working with him again."

To learn how you can get your own explainer video to market your product or service, please send me a message.

Check out Vinosoft and SparkDynamic at:

Video Content Marketing - How Dentists Can Use Video Marketing [VIDEO]

If you have a dental clinic and you are thinking about using video marketing, or you have tried video marketing for your dental clinic, the tips in this video should help you produce good quality videos with valuable content. Actually, this video was inspired by my son’s dental clinic, Central Park Dental in Burnaby, BC, after I saw that they had made a few videos for their website. Videos can be a powerful tool to help market your dental clinic, but it’s also something that’s easy to screw up. Watch the video to learn more.

And be sure to watch the video I mention about the top 4 video production mistakes people make when producing their own marketing videos.

Video Content Marketing - Edutige EIM-001 vs iPhone Built In Mic

Here's the latest video for Edutige, which is a test of the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone 6's built in microphone. This is simulating what someone who is vlogging with an iPhone might be doing. These tests are important to help customers learn more about the products and they help customers buy with confidence. Here's the description I wrote for the test... If you are vlogging with an iPhone, in this video you’ll see a test comparing the Edutige EIM-001 vs the iPhone’s built in microphone. The Edutige EIM-001 is a high gain microphone that boosts the input volume of your iPhone’s audio during video recording… and for audio, too. If you want to know how to improve your iPhone’s audio quality, then check out this video and check out the microphone, too.


Video Marketing for Edutige: Why the iPhone Microphone Sucks

Every week I make a video for Edutige microphones about a different topic related to their products. And in this video, you will see how I quickly demonstrate what the microphone can do so that customers are able to easily understand why they should get the Edutige microphone. These types of quick videos are very effective and relatively simple to make. so be sure to add this type of video content to your video marketing arsenal.

The key to making videos when it comes to video content marketing has very little to do with camera equipment and anything technical. The main thing is a clear understanding of why your video is being made, as in what is the goal that the video should accomplish. And on top of all that, you should be very clear about the problem or situation you are solving, or value that you are providing to your customers or clients.

Below is the YouTube description that I used for this video, which is something you can use to help when you are writing your YouTube descriptions.

In this video you will hear a test of the iPhone's built-in microphone versus the Edutige EIM-001 external microphone. Honestly, I don't know why the iPhone microphone sucks. But what I do know is that the Edutige EIM-001 microphone makes a huge difference in audio quality compared to the iPhone's built-in microphone. This is especially important if you are vlogging with your iPhone. You need a good audio. Just have a listen and see for yourself the difference.

One thing I should mention is that the audio in the video has not been post processed, meaning it is straight out of the iPhone. Or as I like to call it OOiA, “out of iPhone audio."

So if you are making videos with your iPhone and you want something small, powerful and discreet, then definitely check out Edutige EIM-001 microphone.

Video Content Marketing - It’s either you or your competition [VIDEO]

In this video about video content marketing I'm going to talk about the almost absolute necessity for your business to be using video marketing. If you take a look around you can't help but see and hear so much about video content marketing and how your business should be using videos. You might still be hesitant or scoff at the idea of using video marketing, but here's the thing: it's either you or your competition.

You're not the only one

Your competition is also equally aware of how much talk there is about using videos to market their business. So you're not the only one, not the only business, that is being influenced by what is happening. Your competition is also sitting there wondering if they should implement a video marketing strategy. Or they already have and you're already behind the game.

Reality check

Videos have been around for several years now and are starting to really pick up steam in terms of how many companies are using videos. Even pizzerias are starting to use video marketing to talk about their company and to help their customers.

So the reality is that video is here and now. And if you're not already using video, or you are on the fence about using video, you are really missing out on a huge opportunity to separate your company from your competition.

It's not the camera

Getting started with video is not nearly as daunting of a task as you may think. Camera technology has made creating your own videos much more accessible than in the past. For example, the iPhone has been used to film videos for Bentley. Granted, they had professional filmmakers working on those projects, but the point is there is no longer a legitimate excuse for not getting started with video because of technology.

Production value does matter

The key then is to begin shooting videos as soon as possible, like yesterday. Obviously, the quality of the videos, in terms of production value, does matter. Some may say it does not matter, but with so many high-quality videos being produced and uploaded daily on YouTube, production value is important if you want your brand to be seen as credible and professional.

At the very least, you need some lighting and a good microphone.

Make videos

My advice is to watch some video making tutorials on YouTube, or take an online course, and get started. The most important aspect is actually the content and how you want your brand to be perceived by your audience.

Your first videos may not be very good, but that should not stop you from continuing to make them. Or it may tell you that you need professional help.

Either way, your competition is not going to sit and wait until everybody is using video content marketing. You shouldn't, too.

Using Video Content Marketing to Demo Products and Build Brand Awareness

Video content marketing is not just a passing fad. It's here to stay because technology has made it so easy for consumers to watch online video. These videos for Edutige that I've been working on for the last few years have helped tremendously. Customers see what the products can do directly from the manufacturer, which is pretty uncommon. But they also get a sense of what the brand is about. The great thing is they were all produced with technology available to almost any business owner... iPhones, mirrorless and DSLR cameras, pocket camcorders and GoPros.

This combination of technology and control over production is great news for business owners, especially small business owners, because the barriers to entry to produce videos are now so low. But the biggest challenges for any small business are time, knowledge and resources.

That's where I can help. I specialize in using video for content marketing to help organizations get their message out, build their brand and promote their products and services.

Get in touch with me at and let's talk about how I can help you and your business with video content marketing.

Forever Green Promo Video - Changing the World!

This animated promo video for Forever Green is one of my favourites, because the product in the video has the potential to eliminate vehicle emissions, help save gas, and do so without needing to modify your vehicle! It's absolutely genius and makes me so proud to work with businesses like this. He Likes It!

"I highly recommend Carl for any of your video needs. I am a small business owner of one with limited resources and needed a professional promo video and Carl over delivered in all aspects. My challenge was explaining a technology that is extremely technical in nature and Carl executed in such a way that all my customers commented the video is very well done and that it puts the technology in a light that is very easy to understand. Carl was easy to work with, flexible, creative all while embracing a very professional tone. I will utilize Carl's services in the future." ~ Jason Fowler

Video is Perfect

An explainer video is a perfect way to help your prospects understand your product or service, especially something that is technical or complex. The danger is in losing people's attention so these types of promo videos need to be engaging and the information must be presented in a way that's easy to understand.

What's Best? Animated or Live Video?

An animated video may not always be the best choice for a promo video, but that's something we can discuss. In any case, videos should be a big part of your content marketing efforts in this YouTube era.

Animated because...

Animated videos have the advantage of being more timeless than live video. An animated video may still look fresh in a few years, whereas a live video could look dated within months, and definitely within a few years. Hair, clothing, technology... all these things are constantly changing, which can make your live video look silly really fast.

Animated videos also eliminate any prejudice or assumptions about the people running the business, which is a sad, but true reality.

Live because...

Live videos are great for giving your customers and clients a face for your business and to build your brand. We want to know who we are dealing with and live videos are great for that. Live videos can also be created in much shorter time than an animated video.

Animated videos need to be made from scratch most of the time, but a live video only needs a camera, a mic, a script and a person to get in front of the camera.

But like I said, it really depends on the situation.

So if you need to develop a content marketing strategy using video to build your brand and attract new customers, get in touch with me at