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Sunny Side Up

My son has recently been wanting to cook, in particular, he likes making eggs. So this was one night recently when he wanted a snack before bedtime. Yes, he wanted an egg and he wanted to cook it himself. Anyway... Another example of letting your customers get to know you, to establish some sort of rapport and to build a relationship even before meeting you.

The Worst Video Content Marketing Mistake You Need to Avoid

There are many companies that are taking the plunge with video marketing, which is a great strategy for building trust and relationships with customers. But there is one mistake, one major mistake, that I see over and over… This is a mistake you need to avoid if you want your video marketing efforts to do what you hope they will and not end up being a waste of time, effort and money. So check out the video and then let me know your thoughts about how you are using video or how you plan on using video marketing in your business.