video marketing tips for small business

Video Marketing - Why Audio is So Critical to Your Videos

When making marketing videos you have to ensure that your audio quality is up to snuff because if the audio sucks, people will get a bad impression of you and your brand, and they may not even know why. Audio quality is even more critical than video quality, as you'll hear in the video about a recent experience I had while checking out someone else's video content.

What do you think? Would audio quality turn you off from working with someone or give you a bad impression?

Let me know if you have questions about making videos or if you want to get some videos made to enhance your marketing efforts.

Video Marketing - Filming Videos Indoors vs Outdoors

If you are going to film your own videos, you need to decide whether it’s better to film indoors or outdoors. In this video you will learn a few tips to help you decide whether you should film indoors versus outdoors.

The easiest answer when it comes to outdoors is if you have a product or service that is meant to be outside, then you should film outside. The main benefit of filming indoors is that you can control the environment and keep the videos consistent from one video to the next.

Whatever you decide to do, just be aware of things such as lighting, audio quality and having clean, non-distracting background. Just making videos to market your business is a big step, so just play with what works best when filming and you'll eventually find your sweet spot.

Let me know if you have any questions about producing marketing videos, or get in touch about getting help with your videos.

The Benefits of Being Authentic in Your Videos

There’s a lot of talk about authenticity when it comes to doing business, especially when we talk about social media and content marketing. What do you think about the importance of being authentic? How do you demonstrate authenticity in your business?

I personally feel that authenticity is critical in today’s business world. You can’t hide who you are or what you’re about anymore.

Just look at what happened to that dentist who went big game hunting in Africa.

That’s a pretty extreme example of people thinking you’re one thing and then finding out you are totally different.

But it illustrates the importance of being authentic when doing business.

A great tool for demonstrating authenticity is video because you’re putting yourself out there for people to see and hear.

So try to add elements of your personality to further demonstrate your authentic self.

It can go a long way towards building trust and establishing relationships with your customers and clients.

What are your thoughts on authenticity?

Video Marketing - Why Change is Good

One of the challenges when producing marketing videos for your business is having a place to make your videos. My suggestion, and what I do, is constantly experiment and change things up.

If you can, then set up a dedicated video “studio,” even if it’s just a quiet area in your office.

But don’t be afraid to play around and try new things. You may discover something you didn’t know that works great.

You will certainly get experience in shooting your videos in different conditions, which means you’re learning and improving.

Just remember that whatever you do, think about what impression you are giving to your customers.

For example, unless you’re in the wine industry, it’s probably not a good idea to have empty bottles of booze lying around in the background.

Anyway, the point is you need to experiment and that change can be a good thing and will help you produce better marketing videos for your business.

What are some things you’ve done differently or experimented with that lead to something unexpected… in a good way?