On 1013 Main Street - Sean Combs: Diddy Did It

Today on 1013 Main Street, I talked about Sean "Diddy" Combs. Click the player to listen and let me know if you're as inspired by Diddy as much as I am now after doing this show. Thanks. https://s3.amazonaws.com/1013MainStreet/1013+Main+Street+Sean+Combs+-+Diddy+Did+It+130930.mp3

Lessons Recap:

  • Lesson 1: Find your own way - if there's something you really want to do, then there is always a way.
  • Lesson 2: Work hard and work hard some more - believe in yourself and keep working, keep failing, keep learning and building on your small victories.
  • Lesson 3: "Let's go" & "Lock in" - Get going and get focused on what needs to be done.

Edutige Promo-Video

Edutige is a client I met after I did a video review of one of their products. A year and over 33,000 YouTube views later (yes, I know it's not Gangnam Style numbers) we got in touch with each other. We are currently working on setting up a global website to sell their line of high quality iPhone microphones and this is the promo video I made for them. The story and concept were my idea, along with the voiceover and editing, but it was Sven Mahr who did the brilliant illustration and animation.

The great news is Edutige has seen an increase in sales since posting the video on their German site and Facebook page. Yay!

Korea Tourism Organization Promo-Video

Strange how things work sometimes. The promo-video I made for Korea Medical Hub was seen by the Korea Tourism Organization. They asked for a video to introduce Korean Traditional Medicine. Normally, I like a more upbeat style but they wanted something a little more reserved. I did the story and voiceover and put together the video. It was pretty cool getting to work with one of Korea's major public organisations.

Humax IR/PR Video

In 2011, I worked with the CFO of Humax to help him with his communications skills. He and I got on well and that opened the door for me to do some other work for Humax and one of it's divisions, too. The following promo-video was created to support the IR team.

Korea Food Safety Information Center Promo-Video

The Korea Food Safety Information Service, now known as the National Food Safety Information Center (NFSI), is a regular client that I've worked with many times on presentation projects. This video was for a WHO (yes, that WHO) meeting in Seoul hosted by NFSI and the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA). NFSI needed a video to highlight its function and to introduce their information collection and sharing database system. Story was developed with NFSI president, Dr. Eunsook Moon, and with a voiceover by me.

Korea Medical Hub Promo-Video

Korea Medical Hub, KMH, helps people from outside Korea get information about, and book, medical tourism packages. Medical tourism to Korea is booming and this particular video was shown at a medical tourism conference in Indonesia.

The KMH team had some ideas about the video, but let me have free reign on the story and style. The voiceover is by me...something you'll see in just about every promo-video I make for clients.