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How to start a presentation - Should you say your name? [VIDEO]

This is a video and post from my presentations site, PresentationExpressions.com that will be helpful to anyone who gives presentations: whether you should say your name or not. Even if you don't like the information, you may be impressed by the new word I invented: name-ilarity :) Under the video is the script for those of you who would rather read.


Here’s the situation... When you start your presentation, should you say your name or not? Let’s explore that...

A presentation is almost always given to people who are expecting you to speak. Meaning: They should already know your name. Then, should we tell them our name or don’t tell them?

The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. Here are 3 criteria to help you learn when you should say your name and what to say...

When you should say your name can be based on level of familiarity. Or maybe we should call it Name-iliarity.

Levels of Name-ilarity

First is zero name-iliarity.

If the audience doesn’t know you at all, then you should tell them your name and what you do. You should also mention where you’re from, as in which company or organization you represent, or perhaps what you’re majoring in or anything that gives people a point of reference about you.

Second is low to medium name-iliarity.

If the audience knows who you are but not well, and if there are some people that may not know you at all, then you should also tell them your name and what you do, and mention where you’re from, like in the first example. You could even say, “For those of you that don’t know me, I’m…” whoever.

And third is high name-iliarity.

This is when people know who you are, they are at the presentation, lecture, conference or workshop because of you. In this high name-iliarity situation, it’s not necessary to say your name because of what I mentioned at the beginning, that the audience is already expecting you to speak.

The audience didn’t just randomly walk in on your presentation… Right??

In this case, just get on with the start of your presentation.

So there you go. You just learned about whether you should say your name or not at the beginning of a presentation and 3 criteria to help you decide, which were based on level of name-iliarity...

  • First. If you have zero name-iliarity, say your name and what you do.
  • Second. If you have low to medium name-iliarity, you can say your name.
  • And third. If you have high name-iliarity, just get on with the presentation.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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