Video Content Marketing for Edutige - Basic How to Videos

How to videos are always a great way to create video marketing content. But those how to videos don’t always have to be specific to your product. For example, in the following video for Edutige, I wanted to teach people how to do something that I see a lot of people doing incorrectly. A lot of people improperly put on a lavalier microphone. Is it a big deal? Kind of.

The big reason is that it looks unprofessional and not only that, but it’s a clear sign of amateur video. I know this is important to our customers because the whole point in using an external lapel mic is to improve production value.

I often hear people saying they want their videos to look and sound more professional. And while a lavalier microphone will do that, it’s in the small details, such as putting on the mic properly, that are that last little step towards a more professional, polished video.

So that’s why a little how to video such as this can help customers, even if the video is not specifically about a product or service you are offering. It’s a great way to add value and build trust with your target audience.

What kind of how to topics can you think of that are not related to a product or service?

Post on Edutige’s website:

How to Properly Put On a Lavalier Microphone

It’s great that so many people have bought our lavalier microphones and upped the audio quality and overall production value of their videos. I love it. But what I don’t love is seeing how very few people actually know how to put a lavalier microphone on properly.

So to remedy that, check out this week’s video and be sure I don’t catch you doing it wrong from now on :)

Have fun and good luck.