Video Content Marketing for Edutige: Talking About Complementary Products

Video content marketing does not only mean talking about your own products or services. In this video for Edutige, I talk about a camera that I personally own and use for my videos that happens to be a great vlogging camera. The sole purpose of this type of video is to educate our customers about something I know they are interested in.

Yes, I do mention an Edutige microphone but the main focus of the video is to help people who are looking for a vlogging camera. It’s also meant to help those that have the EOS M but either don’t think it’s very good, aren’t using it, or who feel like it’s their gear that’s holding them back from making video content.

Below is the post on YouTube and at:

In this video you’ll see and hear the Canon EOS M with the Edutige ETM-001 external microphone. The Canon EOS M is a great vlogging camera because it is very affordable, has the same sensor as DSLRs like the Canon T2i, T3i, T4i, 60D, and 7D, is small, can use any Canon lenses, can add more functionality with Magic Lantern, and has a microphone jack with manual gain control so you can get great audio.

The only downsides are poor battery life and no tilting screen.

If you get the Edutige ETM-001, like in the video, you get a cool and stealthy vlogging camera with fantastic image quality.

If you get the Edutige ETM-006 lavalier mic, you get an awesome camera for interviews or when you’re indoors and don’t care about using a wired lapel microphone.