Why Is There A Birthday Video on a Business Website?

It was my birthday recently and I wanted to film the day because I knew I would be out with my family. But why the heck would I want to post my birthday video on my website?? The answer is related to how the way businesses, especially small businesses, need to engage our customers or clients. People like buying from people they know and trust

This is true whether you're buying a head of lettuce from the local farmers market, getting your car serviced or hiring someone like me to help you with your business. If your customers like you, they are way more likely to keep buying from you and tell others about you.

Obviously, you also need to offer something of good enough quality and value if you want your business to succeed.

So do you need to post a birthday video?

For me, posting personal videos is a way to showcase my abilities as much as it is a way to let people get to know me. I probably wouldn't have posted this birthday video if it was poorly shot because that might make someone think twice about wanting to work with me.

Personal videos mixed in with business oriented videos is a great way to help your target market get a feeling for what it will be like to work with you, or to buy your product or service. So, if a video of your birthday helps, then go for it. There's really no wrong answer, unless what you post puts you in a negative light.

Content marketing can really be anything you need it to be, and video is one of the most powerful forms of content you can use.

Exciting times for small business owners


This is also why these are exciting times to be in business because it is now so easy to directly engage our customers. Simply having a camera or smartphone, a decent microphone and then being authentic and genuine can go a long way to helping your business succeed.

And if you need a hand getting that content made, or figuring out what content to create and what to do with it after, give me a shout.