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This ensures that your video helps you achieve your business objectives.

Geoff Pershick and his team at North Vancouver Homes were hosting their 3rd annual Spring Clean Up event and asked us to produce a video that focused on the community appreciation aspect of the event.

We interviewed people who brought their stuff to dispose of, as well as the local business partners Geoff and his team invited to participate in the event.

Not only were they helping people get rid of junk, but they were also donating, reusing or reselling anything useful and donating to local charities.

We love working with business owners who truly care about their community. Sure, there’s a smart marketing aspect to these types of events, so why doesn’t every business do it, right?

It’s mainly because the core values of people like Geoff propel him to take action and that’s what we like so much about working with businesses like North Vancouver Homes.

Here’s what Geoff had to say about working with us…

Carl Kwan of Kwan Multimedia testimonial from Geoff Pershick

North Shore Sports Medicine (NSSM) needed a video to welcome new patients, to ensure they felt confident in their choice to work with NSSM.

We also wanted to add a touch of human connection and authenticity so be sure to watch all the way through.

We had many discussions with Paige Larson, the owner, and Sohail Kamal, the general manager, to understand who the target audience would be, what the message and focus would be and then we prepared the script.

Understanding the business and getting the script right are the foundational pieces upon which all the videos we produce are built.

Interviews with clients were arranged and filming was conducted for a total of 7 days.

Not 7 days in a row, though!

We worked with North Shore Sports Medicine for nearly a year to accommodate their schedule, situations that arose with their business and life in general.

We always focus on being there for our clients so empathy, patience and flexibility are core values when working with clients.

The result of this process is that Paige and Sohail feel confident that the end product will help them achieve their business goals and we've developed a close working relationship and friendship. A win-win for all.

This is an intro video that I made for Steve Bridge, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and money coach with Money Coaches Canada.

The purpose of this video is to help Steve talk about what he does and how he does it differently to potential clients.

We wrote the script understanding that the audience was already somewhat familiar with Money Coaches Canada.

The main goal for Steve was to increase his conversions, which for him means getting potential clients to have a free consultation with him.

So this video focuses on his philosophy and approach when it comes to managing your finances and why working with him is a good idea.

We kept the video to 60-seconds for sharing on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Whiteboard Animation Video for Software Testing Company

Whiteboard style videos are great for engaging your audience and explaining complicated topics, products or services.

Retail Business Promo Video

For this video, we worked with the owners to come up with questions they could answer to help tell their customers why they’re better and different.

We also wanted the video to be energetic and vibrant, like the owners and the shop itself.

Non-Profit Organization Event Video

Event videos are a great way to help people better understand your organization’s values and brand. The challenge is to create a storyline, not just a highlight package.

Promo Video for Presentations Course

A short promo video I did for my presentations course that is featured on a landing page.

Effective promo videos need a good understanding of the target audience, as well as the business goal you want to achieve.

How Transitions Can Help Storytelling in Video

This video demonstrates several in-camera transition techniques to help maintain the viewer’s interest as well as to help the story unfold.

Promo Video for Custom Tailor Shop

We wanted to show common mistakes men make when choosing a suit and how Well Dressed can make men look and feel great.

Knowing the audience and the business’ key message were essential.

Real Estate Software Explainer Video

This whiteboard style video is great for helping to explain concepts or services, so let me know if this is something you'd like for your business.

A Storytelling and Slow Motion Demo Video

Storytelling is central to any video you use for business. My job is to find the story and present it in an engaging way. Slow motion is often overused, but here it is an effective tool when used appropriately.

Corporate Culture Video for Winright Law

Winright Law is a Vancouver law firm that genuinely cares about their clients and who value an inclusive and fun corporate culture.

Wills & Estate Planning Law Explainer Video for Lynk Law.

This is an explainer video for Lynk Law in California to help them communicate their estate planning services.

Explainer Video for Orthodontics Clinic

This explainer video is for Hinesly Orthodontics to help them talk about how they help people lead better lives by improving their smile.

Explainer Video for a Non-Profit’s Service

March of Dimes Canada needed a way to talk about one of their many services, but wanted to do so in a casual way.

Explainer videos are easy to watch and are not affected by staff or office changes.

Wills & Estate Planning Video for Winright Law

Explainer videos are great for topics that are normally not easy to talk about.

This is a wills and estate planning video for Winright Law to talk about the importance of getting a will.

Wills & Estate Planning Video for The Johnson Firm.

Marcie and Richard Johnson are a couple of fantastic lawyers in Richardson, Texas.

One of their areas of specialty is estate planning and they asked me for help on a video. So, here it is!

Explainer Video for Marketing and Fundraising Services Company

Explainer videos help professional services explain complex ideas so they’re easy to understand.

This is for CGC, a company that provides marketing and fundraising support to non-profits.