Refund Policy


Refund of Services

Kwan Multimedia provides a thorough workflow and approval process allowing Clients ample opportunity to make comments and give feedback on any and all production services. Once Client has: 1) approved the project/footage by email or signature, and 2) make final payment, there is no refund of services.

Cancellation of Services

Kwan Multimedia invests considerable time, talent and resources to begin and complete all Client production services in a timely and satisfactory way.

Clients are required to invest in their projects with a payment of 50% of the required services fees in order for Kwan Multimedia to begin work. Final approval of the completed project by signature or email, with the payment of the final balance, is required before the release of completed physical, electronic or intellectual properties to Clients. Once the 50% required payment has been made and work begun, there are no refunds. The remaining balance is still due for the release of any work completed.

Clients that would like Kwan Multimedia to stop work on any project must provide written notice by mail or email. In the event Client cancels work, Client is responsible for all services provided and costs incurred to date of received written cancellation notice. In no way will the fee paid be less than the amount of the deposit.

CHANGES: Any changes made to the original description as outlined above must be agreed upon by Client and Provider by mail or email and will be governed under a separate agreement. Should Provider request and Client agree to an extension of time, Client will not pay Provider additional funds.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Client and Provider agree to discuss the Work listed above with only one another and any other agreed upon parties. Confidentiality applies to the Work, and continues until the Work has been completed and delivered to the Client.

RIGHTS: Rights, including copyright, intellectual property rights to the script, ownership, and publishing rights, to this Work belong to Client upon completion of the Work. Provider may use the Work and any reproduction of the Work as examples of the Provider’s services unless otherwise stated by Client.