Video Packages

Video Marketing Packages

At Kwan Multimedia we specialize in helping business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs leverage the power of Video to grow their personal and professional brands.

Are you struggling to create engaging and effective video content for your YouTube channel? Are you unsure how to make your videos stand out from the competition? Let us help you!

Our Video Content Coach package is perfect for those who want to learn how to create great video content themselves. You’ll get personalized coaching from YouTube and video marketing expert Carl Kwan, who has over 100,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel. With his guidance, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create high-quality videos that will help you achieve your branding, marketing, and sales goals.

For those who want even more support, our Video Content Creator Suite offers professional video editing services, including colour correction, adjusting audio levels, and adding music, text, graphics, and more. We’ll even create a thumbnail image for you! And don’t forget, this package includes everything from our Video Content Coach package, so you’ll get personalized coaching from Carl to ensure your videos are top-notch.

Finally, for those who want the full package, our Video Production Partner package offers on-site filming sessions, content planning assistance, and ongoing consulting to grow your YouTube channel or online video presence. This package is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to take their online presence to the next level and get serious results.

Choose the package that’s right for you and start using video to grow your brand today!

Video Marketing Services. Simplified.

The Video Content Coach

The Video Content Coach
  • Video content strategy and coaching
  • Monthly 2 hour call to plan and review the previous month's videos
  • Coaching you on any changes or improvements to make
  • Coaching to help you improve your on camera persona and performance
$ 249
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The Video Production Partner

The Video Production Partner
  • Video Content Creator Suite + full video production, which includes:
  • One on-site filming session per month using my professional equipment
  • Coaching you during filming to ensure you create the best possible video
  • Assist with planning content each month
  • Analyze video data (ie. YouTube analytics) to provide ongoing consulting to grow video and brand presence
  • Cost based per month for 4 videos (for publishing once a week) up to 10 minutes in length per video
$ From 2,375
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Video Audit

Video Audit
  • Analyze your published videos and look at: views, engagement (likes, comments), on camera performance, content quality, video production quality
  • Provide feedback on what is done well; ie. Good thumbnail or engaging content
  • Provide feedback on what could be better; ie. More energy when on camera
  • Give suggestions for improvement
$ 299
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Video Studio Setup

Video Studio Setup
  • Help you design a Video Studio in your home or office
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to improve your current studio
  • In-person or virtual tour of your space to determine the best set up for you
  • Provide a shopping list of equipment, furniture or accessories for your studio
  • Provide you with a shopping list of equipment, furniture or accessories
  • Help with set up and teach how to use the equipment (in-person or virtually)
$ From 249
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Video Coach

Video Coach
  • Help you look and sound confident on camera
  • 1 hour of customized coaching for all levels
  • Finally overcome your fear and anxiety to create videos
  • Become the envy of your competitors
$ 149
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