Video Audit

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Video Audit




Are your videos more snooze-worthy than an infomercial at 3 a.m.? Do you feel like you’re stuck in video marketing quicksand, with no idea how to get out? Fear not, because Kwan Multimedia has got your back!

Introducing our video auditing service – the ultimate way to give your videos the boost they need. Our team of video gurus will analyze your videos from every angle, like a CSI detective at a crime scene. We’ll check out your on-camera performance, production quality, content strategy, and everything in between to make sure your videos are firing on all cylinders.

But we’re not here to rain on your parade. We’ll also highlight what you’re doing well, like your engaging personality or your top-notch editing skills. And when we give you feedback on how to improve, we’ll do it in a way that’s as clear as a sunny day and as actionable as a to-do list.

Think of our video auditing service like a personal trainer for your videos, where we’ll help you pump up your creativity, hone your messaging, and flex your production muscles. With Kwan Multimedia in your corner, you’ll be creating videos that’ll KO the competition and win you more business.

So, don’t let your videos go unnoticed like a needle in a haystack. Let Kwan Multimedia’s video auditing service help you create videos that will turn heads, build your brand, and drive sales. Contact us today to get started on creating videos that will take your business to new heights!

  • Analyze your published videos and look at: views, engagement (likes, comments), on camera performance, content quality, video production quality
  • Provide feedback on what is done well; ie. Good thumbnail or engaging content
  • Provide feedback on what could be better; ie. More energy when on camera
  • Give suggestions for improvement