Brand Awareness & Video Marketing


The challenge for Mountainside Animal Hospital & 24 Hour Emergency Services in North Vancouver is building trust with potential clients. Unfortunately, many pet owners have a misconception that animal emergency medicine should be inexpensive because the veterinary professionals are doing their work as a result of their love for animals. The team at Mountainside are absolutely the biggest animal lovers and are full of compassion for animals. But they are also highly trained and work in a facility that is providing 24 hour emergency services. Mountainside is not your neighbourhood veterinarian.

For Mountainside Animal Hospital, we don’t use direct sales messages. Instead, we concentrate on presenting a professional and compassionate message to increase brand awareness and to build trust. When a client will spend several thousand dollars on emergency veterinary care, we want to ensure that those clients already feel a strong sense of trust in Mountainside Animal Hospital.

That’s the difference between videography and video marketing.


May 31, 2022