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Brand Building for Realtors with Home Tour Videos


Stand out from the crowd and attract new clients while also helping your current clients to sell their home. That’s Kwan Multimedia’s approach to creating real estate videos and what makes our process so unique when it comes to realtor videos, such as this one for Luke Annunziello of eXp Realty.

This video was created over the course of 3 days, plus 2 days for editing. We spent the first 2 days discussing who the ideal buyers would be and then preparing what would be said in the video to appeal to those buyers.

When it was time to film, we knew what shots to get and what would be said by Luke, making it an easy and efficient process.

Filming required approximately 4 hours, which included the skateboarding footage, drone shots, Luke giving the tour and the shots of the property.

All of this is done to ensure that the final video is polished, professional and impactful. We take our time to create these videos because we recognize the long-term ROI that can be derived from such videos, if they’re done right.

Luke was getting stopped on the street after his video was published! Here’s what he had to say about his video: Realtor Gets Stopped on the Street

If you’re a realtor that wants to build a successful long-term business or would like to level up your marketing, speak to us about producing a video for your listings.


April 26, 2022