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Factory Edge Construction


The problem that Factory Edge Construction faced was in differentiating its services from other general contractors. Factory Edge Construction built its business upon high-quality service from beginning to end and wanted to showcase that quality in a video.

Quality for Factory Edge is not only in what clients see, but also in the attention to detail that is lacking in the home renovation industry.

Therefore, the goal for this video was to demonstrate the quality and focus on customer service in a video that would be used for building brand awareness.

The Result

Kwan Multimedia spent several months with Factory Edge to complete this video because we wanted to showcase different stages of the renovation process. We also had to keep the final video to less than 60 seconds so that the entire video could be watched on Instagram, which is one of the primary social channels used by Factory Edge Construction.

The result is that Factory Edge Construction now has a showpiece for their work and has subsequently used the video to generate new business. Their goal was not only met, but exceeded. Hear what Factory Edge Construction’s clients had to say about the experience: Factory Edge Condo Renovation Testimonial


Factory Edge Construction


February 26, 2021