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LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic – Not Your Usual Gym


The problem for LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic was building awareness. LIVE WELL brands itself as an ultra-private gym for those that don’t fit into the “typical” gyms. LIVE WELL caters to people looking to get healthy, rather than to get ripped. This may be due to illness, injury or old age… or all three in some cases. So how do you let people know that they don’t have to be afraid to come in, that this isn’t a big box gym, and that the staff at LIVE WELL are experts who actually care?

The Solution

We decided to create a video that showed the community aspect of LIVE WELL to help potential members feel comfortable. We then leaned on the positive experiences of current members to talk about their fitness journey and why they chose LIVE WELL.

The result is a video that communicates LIVE WELL’s message without anyone from LIVE WELL actually speaking. The positive energy of the gym and the emotional impact of the member stories did all the speaking.

For this video, we filmed the members enjoying exercising, and the interactions with the staff. We wanted to convey that members are not on their own trying to figure things out in terms of their workout. LIVE WELL creates custom workout routines based on a member’s personal health goals. Each of the staff works with members to guide them and help them along their fitness journey, so we wanted to showcase that interaction.

We prepared testimonial questions and interviewed several members to present a diverse demographic of members, so that potential members can see themselves at LIVE WELL.

Bringing together the right message for the right audience is our specialty. Speak with us to see how we can do the same thing for your business.


March 14, 2022