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Product Intro Video for Vorum Industries


We created a number of promo videos for Vorum, a provider of CAD/CAM software and hardware for the orthopedics and prosthetics industry. This video features their most advanced robot carver and was filmed over the course of 10 hours in order to capture the machine carving the different types of products.

Although Vorum is a global leader in the industry, the challenge for Vorum was to update their brand image in the face of increasing competition.

The solution was to create a dynamic style video that is uncommon for the orthopedic and prosthetics industry, but that still highlighted the primary functions of the product.

We spent several hours with the Vorum marketing and senior management team to fully understand the industry, the product and what Vorum’s customers would want to see in the video.

The result was a number of videos for Vorum for their main products that their sales and marketing team can now confidently showcase to customers around the world.

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October 29, 2021