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Real Estate Home Tour Videos to Build a Powerful Brand


Being a realtor is hard. If you’ve been in the business for any length of time as a realtor, you know that you need to do something that sets you apart from all the other realtors out there. With Geoff Pershick of eXp Realty, we have been working with Geoff to build his brand through real estate home tours that showcase his expertise and personality.

The problem with the vast majority of real estate home tour videos is that they are one-and-done. This represents a very short-term ROI because the only purpose is to sell the property at that time, which is important, but it means that there is a financial risk if the property doesn’t sell within a reasonable period of time… or doesn’t sell at all. Even though we all know that’s not likely to happen in the Vancouver real estate market, right?

However, the truth is that the vast majority of real estate video tours out there are a waste of money and don’t do anything to build your brand. And that’s what we wanted to avoid with Geoff when he wanted to start creating real estate tour videos.

The Solution

We worked with Geoff to encourage him to offer value, present himself as an expert and use real estate tour videos to build his brand.

Instead of only seeing a realtor talk briefly at the beginning of a video, Geoff takes people on a guided tour, demonstrating his knowledge and expertise.

Instead of a dry, wooden delivery, we work with our clients so that they present themselves as engaging, professional and confident in order to attract new clients.

The Kwan Multimedia Difference

Kwan Multimedia’s owner, Carl Kwan, has 6 years of experience as an executive presentations coach, as well as having years of TV and live radio experience. This unique skill set and experience helps our video clients stand above their competition.

The Result

The real estate tour videos we have created with Geoff have resulted in people specifically mentioning seeing his videos as one of the primary reasons they chose to work with him.

That means he doesn’t have to “convince” people that he’s the right choice because clients are reaching the conclusion to work with him all on their own.

And the beauty of it all is that the videos will continue to deliver results for Geoff long after the homes have been sold. Something that can’t be said for 99% of all the other real estate videos you normally see.

The end result is thousands of dollars in earned income and future earning potential.

Contact us for real estate tour videos that get results, now and into the future.


March 15, 2022